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The TV programme describes the history how such a regiment in the British army was formed. According to the program, the army was formed to overthrow the monarchy and, unfortunately, this attempt appeared to be unsuccessful. Currently, they serve as bodyguards to the Queen and participate in ceremonial duties. They are known to have participated in active military conflict for the past 300 years. The army is facing reduction because of expenditure.


The aim of this paper is to give analysis on a TV program relating to that was aired on October 18th, 2011.


The study involves watching a TV program as a primary source of information for collecting data. Secondary research was from sources that have been written by other people. Internet sources played an important role in provision of materials that has been prepared by other researchers.

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Content analysis is an appropriate method that helps in summarizing any form of content. Various aspects of the content are counted to do a thorough analysis of the research topic. Content analysis will throw more light on the individual’s character and personal preferences.

Content analysis is an effective method when it comes to analyze issues that involve both genders and when a comparison becomes necessary to seek for gender perspective insights.

Research Design

The perennial question experts have often answered whether to employ quantitative content analysis or qualitative content analysis. Quantitative content analysis is the extent to which the quantitative indicators are interpreted as intensity of meaning, social impact and the like. There is no simple relationship between media texts and their impact, and it would be too simplistic to base decisions in this regard on mere figures obtained from a statistical content analysis.

This research employs a combination of vital factors of both the content analyses to deduce results.


Definitely, the great programme is what makes the show so memorable and outstanding. Whereas the TV programme has been criticized by many individuals for taking some emancipation in terms of the actual events that army have participated in, one has to admit that the programme is extraordinarily dramatic or interesting and adds a lot to the myth of what Cold stream guards did (BBC4, 2011).

The TV program regimental story for the history of Cold stream guards focuses on their history and their motives. The army was formed to fight the monarchy, but later, the soldiers turned into bodyguards for the queen. The TV programme has shown how the army was formed, and what their purpose was.

They have participated in active conflicts with the British army, although they currently face job cuts. The army was successful in all the operations they participated in, and this has been their motivation. Some of the regiment members have participated in conflicts such as those in Iraq.

Although the army is known to participate in active conflict, tourists are fond of them due to their bear skin hat. The army includes recruits from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to maintain regional inclusivity.


When the Roman started fighting England, the armies helped the country and prevented it from being defeated. Therefore, they have played an important role in helping the country because of their superiority in military discipline and strength. The TV program has brought out the stories, which were not known about Cold stream guards.

The participants in the programs have given us something to ponder. Rationally, it is more calculating remedy for the British government to reduce other form of military and allow this military to continue because of the history they hold. They have saved more lives than any other army in Britain has. Reductions in the number of the army will lead to reduced revenue from tourist industry thereby exposing the kingdom.

Much effort should be put towards strengthening the nations’ strong holds on the army, but it can be accomplished by reducing the number of Cold stream guards. This argument is important because of the reaction by the government to reduce costs by reducing the army is unjustified.

A person watching this TV program will be discouraged by the action proposed by the government of reducing the army. The program tries to show the public how the army has been successful in the United Kingdom. It is simple with only a few participants who create the history of the army.

The contributors appear to have knowledge relating to the activities of Cold stream guards. It cannot be said to be an orderly program that tends to educate the public on the importance and value of Cold stream guards. Unlike many other TV programs, it allows callers to participate in the discussions.

The program diverges from reality of an army life as being portrayed in ideal situation. The anchor resents a steady decline of hope of having this army maintained in the future. One of the participants argues that the armies are of great value. The population of Britain view them as people who add no value to the economy. The TV program depicts the army as people who are of great importance and should be maintained, therefore, the budget cuts should not affect them.

Analysis of the quality of picture is very important even though there are a lot of ‘blips’ and various picture effects are not as good as they are expected to be. Though there are not many such mistakes, they tend to be seen or appear in particular and conspicuous situations, like the extended close ups.

There are also some variations in the quality of image that is shown in the program; that is from razor-sharp to from razor-sharp to somehow soft. Moreover, a greater part of the movie appears to be in a softer focus, and one might tend to think that this is a result of the purposeful and cautious that was made rather than any other problems. In addition, we find that colours, most perceptibly flesh tones, are dead on.

Colours all through the programme are frequently muted by the cloudy weather of Scotland. Perhaps, that is the way, it is supposed to be. Nevertheless, we find that there was only one case of shimmer, which is seen in chain mail patterns, even though it was not easy to be realized or noticed and quite forgivable.

One might find him or herself desiring for more battle noises from the rear surrounds, however, the TV program generally appears to be very great and outstanding. It is definitely understood that those individuals who have subwoofers will actually feel the English heavy horse charging straight through their homes.

However, this documentary is incredible and impressive. As a result, it gives the audience or viewer a lot of attention-grabbing and interesting information. The centrepiece of any extra content of a movie is the commentary track, and this TV programme is no exception. The commentary of anchor is, in fact, one of the most attractive and informative things that many people believe to have ever heard.

The comments of anchor are not packed; it is done in such a way that he does not harm the story because the anchor knows when it is right to let the TV programme speak for itself.

The program, which is based on the Coldstram, is about how a child loses his brave soldier father in war against the English. The child grows up to become a very strong man, and later leads a resistance against the English and then dies as a hero. Although the TV programme may be historically erroneous, it is entertaining and fascinating.

A bigger part of the movie was shot in Ireland. The producer used many interesting techniques , that is why due to this fact, some scenes appeared to be very realistic and dangerous. The war scenes that depict the Battle of Falkirk and the Battle of Stirling show several horses being killed. The shooting of this was done using a combination of real and mechanical horses.

This was actually expensive because every mechanical horse cost approximately one hundred thousand dollars. When William is almost murdered in the Falkirk battle scene by Robert the Bruce, we find that the organization PETA was powerfully convinced that this shooting was done using a real horse, and initiated an investigation.

Fortunately, the crew and cast were shooting an unofficial behind the scenes section for an individual friend’s baby as a gift in the hospital. Mel Gibson would have found himself under serious fire for abusing animals, had it not been for this video that backed up their story. However, the battle scenes also show a large number of soldiers. Real soldiers from the Army reserve corps in Ireland were used in playing both the English and Scottish (Williams and Williams, 2004).

Different shots were used for disclosing the importance of particular scenes. One most significant production technique that was used in the movie is the use of camera shots. Long shots are specifically used, but still a good amount of close-ups and medium shots also. There is a massive mountain range and trees in the background.

The camera takes a deep shots and wide pan-shots to show the oncoming English, with a very multi-colour display of overhead arrows as they move toward the main front. The camera creates a remarkable build up by the first TV programme at the approaching Scottish, walking heedlessly towards the canter of the field. Then, the focus moves from the Scottish who are moving fast almost jogging like, and then back to the Englishmen who are picking up their pace (Hargreaves and Cannon, 2009).


Finally, the Cold stream guards are particularly credited with liberating England from a long period of persistent warfare, and the formation of the Church of England, as well as starting the global exploration along with colonization. They also conquered and incorporated both Ireland as well as Wales within the English empire and influenced the significant merger with Scotland.

The Cold stream guards also founded the English Reformation along with Renaissance advancing the English societies from medieval religious control to a liberal “think for yourself culture” that guided England to the trail of global exploration as well as considerable scientific approaches and innovations ahead of its rivals. They generally revolutionized and assisted Britain to become the first World Super Power.

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