Remembering this book. This history titled Steve Jobs:

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Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is
the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices
in life is one of numerous well known Steve Jobs quotes incorporated
into this book. This history titled Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is
brimming with bits of knowledge of both motivation and dramatization as it
outlines the journey of Jobs, concentrating on the prominent activities he was
engaged with.

The author invested an ample amount of time with Jobs and it
incorporates lot of direct statements, with him. Considering that Isaacson
additionally met many individuals who had personal as well as professional
relationships (both good and bad) with Jobs it’s quite possible that this life
story is more honest than if it were an autobiography.

View on the Book

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The book is a mix of facts, stories and spin from the
gatherings involved in notable product launches including Steve Jobs and the
organizations he worked with. Beside his own variant of occasions, we hear
elective perspectives frequently from the eminent personalities of Silicon


The first half of the book recounts the tale of how Jobs
went from a barefoot, college drop-out to the spearhead of a youthful,
idealistic organization called Apple that in less than 10 years made him a
multi-millionaire. He wound up being expelled from the organization he helped
to establish to go ahead to have found NeXT Inc., become involved with Pixar
and in the end come back to Apple. The second phase of the book talks about
Jobs’ return to Apple where he instilled a strategy for success that would bring
about the creation of the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. The end sections of the
book document his battle with terminal cancer.


Every product launch is shrouded in detail with words from
Jobs and other stakeholders (rivals, sometimes) keeping in mind the end goal to
portray how these ventures became. There are loads of juxtapositions in the
form of occasions displayed by Jobs and the other individuals involved.


I found that I lost a little patience as I got midway
however the book as in a few territories the names, dates and actualities were
top heavy when compared with the story telling. I additionally felt that the
ending was surprisingly abrupt considering how much information previous parts
had been. This obviously might be because of the terrible unexpected passing of
Steve Jobs.


I do now have a more profound knowledge into the fundamental
segments that made up Apple, its philosophy and obviously, the primary
individual driving the organization forward. That is precisely what I wanted
from this book.


View on the man


Before reading this book I had imagined Jobs as an adept,
zen-like person who remained at the crossroads between technology and the
humanities; the individual we saw at the keynotes showing the most recent and
most noteworthy tech gadget we didn’t realise that we needed. The book tested
this view in giving proof of a fit inclined, selfish individual with a harmful


So would he say he was an awful individual who had great
product ideas? I don’t believe it’s that binary. He must’ve been an extreme
person for example, if there’s someone like him then he would tret them with
more respect and if there isn’t, then he would show none.


The impression that would last with me of Jobs after reading
this book is his capability to channel his focus, overlook all diversions and
keep up an exceptional attention to minute details. He was persevering in
seeking after his concept of flawlessness and would remove all impediments that
remained in his direction. Regardless of whether it was hardware, programming,
promotion battles or Apple stores his scrupulousness was relentless.

He earned a reputation for being brutally honest, harsh and
hard to work with. Average quality work by the ranks would bring about
extremely open expulsions. On one event, after a bad review about the MobileMe
service he replaced the leader in front of the whole group subsequent to criticizing
them for thirty minutes.


I wondered how he could he retain individuals in spite his
sharp and mercilessly honest tongue that a large portion of us would deem
professionally unimaginable. Given the products that Apple created plainly
states that they had skilled individuals capable of getting a job in anyplace,
so what’s the reason they would stay? He’s quoted as telling employees that
journey is the reward, which ended up being valid for many. The sense of
meeting goals and a culture of doing extraordinary work must have been a strong
pull sufficient enough to overrule individual insults and furthermore enabled
Jobs to push individuals past their boundaries. Furthermore, obviously, on
numerous events his bluntness towards products would end up being right.

This exceptional focus yielded bewildering outcomes however
at the cost of harmed individual connections and Jobs’ own particular hypothesis
that gruelling years earlier in his life brought about his first brush with

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