There was once a great philosopher who stated that religion is the opiate
of the masses. i believe that this holds true even today. Except what keeps
people in a daze is television. Television is rarely used for any good today,
for example, do you really think that full house is an intellectual stimulus?
hell no. TV is designed to be brain candy for the weak-minded and ignorant.

The internet is more useful and I might add, stimulating. This is a medium in
which you can interact and communicate with others instead of sitting on your
ass drooling watching itchy and scratchy. There are honestly interesting sites
available on this medium.

I have heard people call television the “one-eyed monster”, this simply
suggests to me that this person is obviously poor-bred or simply ignorant.

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Television can be used to convey pornography, religion, drug use, love, or any
other possible subject to be dealt with. The actual machine itself is not bad,
it is the people who provide the programming for it that are the cause of the
problem. Do people really think I give a rat’s ass if Uncle Joey makes it or
I do not want to come across as saying that televison should be abolsihed
altogether, not at all. I personally love seinfeld and the occasional Beavis
and Butthead, but everything in moderation and nothing to excess, so to put it
simply, do not overdo it, or you will end up a moron who needs Tom Brokaw to
tell them what is right and wrong.

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