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Relevant facts Steven is one of the oldest employees in the organization who has been working in it for several years. He knows all the details in the companySteven works for a bureaucratic organizationKristin who joined the team is known to have a no-nonsense attitudeWhen asked about anything that they wanted to share, Steven said that few people are favored for promotions and to work overtime based on who they like and not based on the quality of the workKristin called Steven to check the facts, and to know who are the culprits.Kristin ordered Steven to give out the names. Otherwise, steven would face dire consequences. Ethical issues The ethical issue, in this case is, Kristin forcing Steven to bring out the names of the managers who are not working in the best interests of the company.And if Steven would not reveal those names, she would assume that Steven was a part of the problemDisclosing the names of the managers is not a right thing to do, which can, in fact, be considered unethical.Primary stakeholders Steven, Kristin, Managers, and other staffThe company has a direct effect on Kristin, and Kristin has got an immediate effect on the team, managers and Steven. In other words, Kristin is responsible for everything that happens within the organization. Moreover, managers are accountable for any delinquency in the organization. The possible alternatives Steven should tell the names of the managers to Kristie and tell her to keep the matter confidentialNot tell Kristie about the actual issue, rather tell her that he was not serious about what he was saying and there is nothing to worry about, and that is not an issue at all.He can also add up saying that, such things happened earlier, but now it is no longer happening and that, he just wants to give her a fair idea of how things operate thereThe first alternative is unethical. In the first choice, he is acting as a whistle-blower, with a sense of grievance against them. Being a whistle-blower in a company is always not unethical, but the way Steven reacted was immoral. It was just her (Kristie’s) first day, and Steven tried to whistle-blow about his co-workers or managers. Steven should probably not blow out the whistle this early. Everything has a particular time, and Steven has to adhere to that timing. Whistle-blowing this early can lead Steven to unnecessary problems. Instead, Steven could tell Kristie that things were improving from few days and everybody was doing well in their respective jobs. Being a part of the team, Steven wanted to bring this to her notice just for her information, and there is no need to reprimand anybody now, as everybody is working fine, without any issues. 

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