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It is the inclusive process of integrative human efforts so that a desired result is achieved. Thus management tries to achieve goals with a public administrator sets before itself. In fact no goals can be achieved unless public administration and management work in close cooperation with each other. But still the difference between the two is there.

Public administrator decides policies, whereas it is the responsibility of the management to implement those. Thus one is concerned with policy formulation, while the other for execution of the policies. The former decides goals whereas the latter is required to find out techniques for ensuring that the goals are speedily achieved. We can conclude by saying that public administration is closely linked with other social sciences and that it too has maintained its independent existence. The subjects are now occupying its place and position in the family of social sciences. The problems of public administration are those of the society as a whole. All those factors which influence society directly and proportionately affect public administration.

Science and technology, which is very much influencing our modern society, is equally posing new problems for public administration. New scientific inventions are not only making our social set up complex and complicated but equally making the task of public administration difficult.

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