Registration the cognitive abilities of an individual

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issues in medical image processing techniques were studied. It is to fuse the
sets of data with the variations if any or with their similarities into a
single data. These sets of data are acquired by sampling the same scene or object
at different times or from different perspectives, in different coordinate

Applications: Registration
is used in computer vision, medical imaging, military automatic target
recognition, and compiling and analysing images and data from satellites. It is
very essential in medicine for doctors to plan for surgery. Its solution is
complicated as there may be misregistrations.

image registrations using transforms are automatic and have a number of
interesting features that can simplify the clinical applications. Performed
monomodal and multimodal brain image registration using Fast Walsh Hadamard
Transform (FWHT), Modified Adaptive Polar Transform (MAPT) and Wang Landau
Adaptive Monte Carlo technique (WLAMC) to enhance the performance of image

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Comparison of
the performance of the modified algorithms with the existing algorithms using
Walsh Transform (WT), Adaptive Polar Transform (APT) and Adaptive Monte Carlo
technique (AMC) are done based on the performance metrics namely Mutual
Information (MI), Correlation Coefficient (CC), Computed Time of Registration
(CTR), Normalized Sum of Squared Intensity Differences (NSSD) and Ratio of
Image Uniformity (RIU).

image registration algorithms are implemented using MATLAB and the performance
of the algorithms are analysed. This research also explored the performances of
optimized image registration using FWHT technique. Also the effectiveness of
the algorithms is compared based on accuracy and robustness.


MPhil thesis my research topic was Problems faced by women entrepreneurs in Coimbatore
city. From this research work it was noted that most women are finding
difficult to concentrate more on business due to their family responsibilities.
They spend a lot of time with their family rather than business. In this
regard, a few suggestions were given for their betterment.

am open for deep and fascinating real-time problems in any fields – Engineering, scientific,
Management or Psychological would love to unlearn and learn  by diving and digging deep into that domain
with that problems effortlessly discovering new knowledge exploiting the
qualitative zero-error optimal solution firmly.

in Soft Computing (Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, and Fuzzy Logic),  fascinated and sought after research by
synergizing Soft Computing, Psychology and Management in the purview of
Cognitive Skills and Development. Aspire and curious in working on exploring
few issues related to the cognitive abilities of an individual – either a
student or an entrepreneur and their performances probing for optimal solution
through certain means for their improvements.


on the previous research works my publications are listed below.

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