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“A Beautiful Mind’ Reactions to “A Beautiful Mind” My responses to A Beautiful Mind differed from each point in the movie. At first my impression was how intelligent John Nash was, as most people who suffer from mental illness are, as studies have shown. The feeling of sorrow came over me , as I watched him struggle with the feelings of loneliness and depression, he struggled to find focus for his project and a place in the student hierarchy. I wondered if it was because of his lack of family support that he became socially awkward, and his lack of correct emotional responses in social situations.

His interactions with women amused me and troubled me. His bluntness in asking for sexual favors and his reaction to their responses seized to amaze me. I was surprised when he developed a relationship with a woman because of his lack of social skills, and bluntness towards them. I was happy for him, but it still made me wonder about his lack of family support, and love in the home how he would deal with a long term relationship, and problems that arise with the needs of the other individual and how he would handle the issues. It made me angry and wonder about his family.

They showed absent and non-involvement in his life and in his wedding. He never got the care, support and the love that every child should feel during the childhood, and the teenage years that is needed for healthy development of social skills that are needed for survival in this day and age. Intellect alone can be damaging in a child’s social skills, and how he relates and interacts with his peers. The non-supportive family structure can only add to the arising problems. His star gazing and observations, patterns where not only intriguing but also was a testament of his genius.

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I wasn’t shocked when i found out that he was living in the world of delusions and hallucinations, and mind tricks. As i suspected earlier in the film, that he might of have mental illness, based on his bluntness and lack of social skills, i wasn’t sure if he had a high function forum of autism because of his intellect, lack of the correct emotion displayed in a social situation and the need for understanding. I was in shock when i learned that his involvements with top secret government work was in his mind.

Because of his high education and intellect, It was probable that he would be involved in that line of work, only to find out that it was a delusion. I am not sure how i would handle or react if i found out that someone i love is sick, and lives in an alternative reality. I respected his wife’s reaction and courage, when she committed him to a psychiatric facility. It showed courage and love for someone to do that to the person that the love and have a family with, i am not sure if i would make that choice if it was me.

I have a hard time of letting people go, even when i know its best of everyone that situation. The moment that made me think and analyze the most was when John was sitting in the room, enclosed walls, filled with maps, magazines and the articles that he used for the decor, at that moment it made me realized the bitter crash of reality of the movie. We have all felt scared confused and out of place in some point in our life. We have all made up our own realities to get away from what was going on in our life.

I came to understand the bitter reality and the hardships that every human undergoes. I have felt socially awkward and have reacted wrongfully in a social situation. I have felt alone and lonely. I understand what it is like not to have a family that shows love and support. I think that this movie shows us that compassion and understanding and love can go along way. we are all human and can relate to this film, and the emotions that it shows, after all a mind is a beautiful, complex and not understood.

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