Raskolnikov is surrounded by water for the majority of the novel and he coninuously rejects it whenever it is prsented to him. While he waits at the police station just after commiting the murder, “He found himself sitting in a chair, while someone else was standing on the left hlding a yellowish glass of water,” (94). Raskolnikov refuses the water however, the scene is parralled when Porfiry questions Raskolnikov, “‘ Come, drink a little,’ he Porfiy whispered…He did not take the water, however…’You’ll drive yourself out of your mind, I assure you! Have some water, drink a little.’ He forced himself to take the glass. Raskolnikov raised it mechanically to his lips, but set it on the table again with disgust.”(298). Raskolnikovs constant rejection of water represents his unillingness to take responsibility for the murder, and his refusal of Christ. Raskolnikovs reasoning for killing the pawnbroker Aloyna was because he beileve she was a “louse” while he was extraordinary. He was testing his boundaries and commited the merder with the mindset that is was in fact not a crime. He felt as if he was above the law and unlike other men he does not deserve any reprecussions. Because Doestoevsky had created water as a symbol for purification Raskolnikovs rejection of it could resemble his rejection of forgivness and more importantly his rejection of God. Raskolnikov believes in his own moral consenses to guild him without any need for Gods help; he feels he does not need to be cleansed or accept the path of the lord, and refuses water as a result. Doestoevsky chose to repeat the rejection of water from Raskolnikov many time througout the novel, and even immediately following his confession towards the ending of the novel, “Rasklnikov dropped onto a chair. Water was brought.’It was I…’ began Raskolnikov.’Drink some water.’ Raskolnikov refused the water with his hand, and softely and distinctly said: ‘I killed the old pawnbroker and her sister Lizavetawith an axe…'(458). Doestoevsky this image redundantly in the novel to show that man is lost without the guildence of God. He has trouble desiphering right from wrong on his own. Even after confessing Raskolnikov still shows a refusal to accept God. Only God can truely grant Raskolnikov relief. Raskolnikov goes throught turmoil and struggles that show that he cannot survive alone.

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