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The core enemy that stems in the Americans mind when the issue of terrorism comes into play is the A Qaeda. It is this organization that continues to torment the American government even to date. Billions have been spent to try to wipe this organization and its root from the face of the world. Its main architect Osama Bin Laden still remains elusive despite the long searches by both the American and the allied forces. The Al Qaeda have been blamed for some past heinous attacks in the U. S and against its interests worldwide.

Both the Clintons and Bush’s administration had put a concerted effort both after the twin attacks in last Africa and after the 9/11 attacks. The U. S attacked Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban government perceived to be terrorists sympathetic. Saddam Hussein was also removed from power and executed over terrorist links and the much-hyped weapons of mass destruction. The past military engagements in the U. S have been channeled to fight the terrorism especially in the Middle East. The structure of Al Qaeda is what makes it hard to contain terrorism for example; its internal organization is not coherently arranged.

Rather than having a location that is centrally placed, it has a flurry of cells and has a haphazardly arranged leadership that is better understood by the members, it hence becomes hard to locate who the key leaders are, the sponsors or the members. Sponsorship of terrorist activities may vary form individuals, organizations or states. The U. S government has concentrated much of their effort to curbing state sponsorship or tolerance of terror groups. These efforts must have borne fruits and it has become considerably difficult for states to openly support or sponsor these groups (Robert Perl, 2003).

The enormity of the support that Al Qaeda enjoys and the resultant amount of funding itself spells doom. These terrorist groups have over time been able to come up with avenues through which they can source their own funding and weapons. This is done through both lawful and illegal acts. The legal means may be from charitable organizations while the illegal ones are from drugs and kidnappings. The Al Qaeda for example owns chains of businesses apart from receiving from well wishers and state sponsors. With these little kind of funding it becomes difficult to contain and regulate their activities too.

In today highly commercialized world, it is possible to acquire anything as long as it is affordable. In the past they have been able to acquire dangerous weapons as well as smuggle it right into the hearth of America, these threats are continually becoming a reality. Threats of WMD are further exacerbated by the acquisition of these weapons by some states that in the past have been perceived to support terrorism. Countries like Iran, Libya, and North Korea have over time been suspected of abetting terrorism.

Being in possession of the weaponry complicates the matter. It might only be a mater of time before these weapons fall into the wrong hands. Though rather grossly exaggerated, the media has over time given reports that insinuate that the Al Qaeda through its kingpin has been trying to purchase radioactive elements from Bulgaria (www. fas. org). The WMD terror attack may take various forms. Of the many forms that it can take nuclear weaponry has been down played most as the least likely to occur due to its sensitivity and the high costs involved.

Chemical terrorism would be the most common and has in been applied in the past. This is where poison filled weapons or gases are released to target area. The danger behind this is the fact that it can be employed discreetly in many places without even the target population being aware tat it has been released. The nerve gas is one such example. These toxic chemicals with an ability to kill in high numbers are not widely available, and where they exist they are supposed to be closely guarded by the military.

Their killing power however cannot be underestimated. Although not in the capacity equaling nuclear warfare, past accidents and incidents indicate that they have the ability to kill in high numbers. A case in point is an accident that happened in India where thousands were killed after an accident that released lethal gasses, thousands many more were injured. This would be the same occurrence to be witnessed if the toxic gas is released into the atmosphere within the populous cities in the United States.

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