Race After emphasizing and bringing upon other

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Race refers to the biological characteristics such as skin,
eye, hair color while ethnicity refers to
a social group sharing a common and distinctive religion, language and culture.
Although Singapore is a multi-racial country and we see different races every
day, does not mean there will not be any conflicts between races. In the past, there
were many racial riots. After emphasizing
and bringing upon other measures on
racial harmony, there are not many racial
riots happening these days, though there are fights occurring among gangs.The functionalist perspective states prejudice creates scapegoats.
Prejudice refers to views about the groups of people. For example, the majority
feel that the minority do not have or have very little job skills. In Singapore
context, when an Indian applies for a job, they require us to know Chinese to get the job. After getting the job, our pay
would not be as high as others. From this, we can see that most of the
undesirable jobs are done by the minority groups since they don’t compete with
the dominant group. Discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of the groups of people. I have experienced
discrimination before, and that is when I was rejected many times for part-time jobs. The main reason for getting
rejected was because of my race. Although I did get a job eventually, that did
not end there. I was bullied by the other part-timers
and supervisor as I was slow and unskilled. Even for a part-time job, there are issues on race.

According to the conflict perspective, prejudice against
minorities is viewed as good for dominant groups. Sociologist
Louis Wirth (1945) defined a minority group as “any group of people who,
because of their physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from the
others in the society in which they live for differential and unequal
treatment, and who therefore regard themselves as objects of collective

discrimination.” (Nathan Keirns, 2013, Para 1) Minority
groups are kept away from being powerful. From my experience, the minorities in
Singapore do not get to voice out as much as the dominant groups due to being

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In conclusion, I have learned
that prejudice always exists even without
discrimination as prejudice is within our culture. We have always seen
prejudice throughout lives which makes us conform to this lifestyle. This essay
allowed me to express my feelings about race and ethnicity and I feel thankful
for that. 

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