QUESTION:1 binge eating, obesity, or depression. However, personal

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Youth is a significant developmental stage for physical development
and formation and maturation of psychological characteristics, including
self-identity and self-esteem, which may effect on adult life.Self-esteem is likely to
be linked with personal qualities, which are reflected in diverse part of life,
for example: achievement,success,etc…Reachers have been determined that
self-esteem impact human health behaviors. On the other hand, low self-esteem
represent high function in the development of mental disorders and social problems
such as depression, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, anxiety, and violence during
puberty, unhealthy behaviors face to result in negative health outcomes in many
ways. specially, the long-term consequences of such behaviors, such as teenage
pregnancy, may have a critical effect on the adolescents’ future. Therefore,
adolescents’ health behaviors potentially extend an impact on health behaviors
affecting their entire lives, emphasizing the importance of the association
between self-esteem and health behaviors. The influence of self-esteem on
health behaviors, involving adolescents have been restrictively behave for
self-esteem and addiction to the Internet or smart phones, obsession with
physical appearance and body shape, pathological binge eating, obesity, or
depression. However, personal lifestyles, cultures, and unique traits of
geographic populations should be considered together to produce the broad
spectrum of health data including physical, psychological, and social aspects
that are easily affected by factors such as ethnicity, nationality, and
cultural background. When you are born, with your parents help, you have
positive feeling about yourself. You do not even know about low self-esteem.
You learn low self-esteem from your experiences in life. Studies have shown
that most children under the age of one year, are joyful individuals. As well
all matter and go through failures, we are required to learn and see  the good in those encounter. That will result
in tolerating your mistakes, learning from them and moving forward. It is very
important to understand and accept that you are not born as a bad person.Once
that is accepted, you will understand that you can do something about your
negative feeling. Realize that type of feelings are not built-in and unchangeable.

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