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Quality Expectations

 The mark up language has to be standardized
and compactable. Also, the website must be easy to navigate and very
responsive. Extensive advertising to capture a global market by leveraging on
social media network Eg; face book, twitter etc. And manual advertisement tools
such as flyers, leaflets and billboard.

Acceptance Criteria

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investment that the company received had the following demands that had to be
followed for the investment to be accepted:

No more of the budget was to
be spent within the first 8 months

The website must be
completed within the first 5 months

The company must be based
and operate within the Teesside/Teasdale area

Extension for third party

The ability for
manufacturers to sign up to become a trusted member and allowing the customers
to be able to check the validity of the award through the websites trusted
award search feature

Quality Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance/ Team Manager will
ensure that quality and high standards are maintained.

A well built, easy to use company website,
which is multi functional- affording customers the latitude to check the
validity of a manufactures’ product through its search ion, and also providing
a platform for the manufacturers to sign up on the website.


Standards and Technologies

A referenced list of standards and
technologies to be used by the project. This list should cover as applicable:
coding standards, languages, open source standards, ISO standards, protocols,
development methodology, testing, services, and packages.

Organizations use standards
and best practices to improve IT Services .There is a continuing and
increasing demand for certificates based on the following IT standards, best
practices and frameworks:

ISO / IEC 20000

ISO / IEC 27000

Infrastructure Library )

MOF ( Microsoft
Operations Framework )

ASL ( Application Services
Library )

BiSL ( Business
Information Services Library )

TMap ® ( Test
Management Approach )

SCP ( Security
Certified Program ).


Quality Control Tools

The use of W3C .This
validator checks the markup validity of
Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

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