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Hello! I am unable to express my exhilaration in words after I met you last Sunday in New York. You were looking absolutely stunning and gorgeous. That night would always remain etched in my memory. I flew to Pittsburgh the following night after completing my business schedule in New York. But you always remained in my mind. Your bewitching beauty remained in my mind. Your mannerisms haunted me and incited me to pen down these lines, which I feel; express my feelings towards you in a nutshell.

Dear ____________ (Girl Name)! I am a busy man, struggling to consolidate the business empire of my father. I don’t know much about romance and the related issues. But I do feel that I am in love with you. By the grace of Jesus Christ, you have entered my life like a breeze of fresh air. I would love to live in this zephyr of love and affection forever. You are an intelligent young girl who is able to sympathise with me on (almost) all the fronts. We have an excellent frequency match. Who else could I look after my personal needs while I was in New York? You are a graceful beauty too. I like your personality and sincerely feel that you could make a mark in your life in the field of your choice. You have a professional attitude towards business but at the same time, a warm heart that only radiates love, compassion and solace. My life has changed after the meeting of ____________ (Date). I have become more cheerful, confident and steady. Those two days of my life have been glorious ones.

May I, therefore, ask your hand in marriage? I would humbly request you to accept my proposal. I think we would make a dignified and successful couple. I am a simple man and cannot ask for your company for a lifetime in more simple words. I await your response at my personal telephone number ____________(Mobile Number). Waiting

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