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Almost all organizations and firms find themselves in dire need to initiate a project to circumvent a particular predicament or to increase their revenues. Quite often, projects are aimed at pursuing goals and aims of the organization in the most effective way. Project management is the practice of organizing several resources in a systematic manner with the aim of achieving predetermined goals.

Mainly, managers are expected to provide guidance on the amount of human resources, money, and materials required to realize the desired results. Regardless of the organization’s goals, the manager is required to come up with a clear blueprint to direct his actions effectively bearing in mind the risks and uncertainties, which would arise in the course of execution of the project. This report endeavors to highlight the essentials of initiating a fire and rescue project that would ensure reduction of sickness absence in an organization.


Almost all organizations if not all find themselves facing challenges on how to reduce sickness absence among its employees. To this respect, managers with the aim of ensuring continued production need to ensure that all their work force is available and in good health to carry out their obligations. Launching this project would ensure the organization have the best safety tools to foster good working environment as well as reducing sickness absence. In a broader perspective, the management will strive to cater for a safer humanly working condition, safety equipment and apparatus should be equipped to ensure workers are less vulnerable to accidents.

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Although this project is an expensive venture but its payoffs have proved to be rewarding. Reduction of sickness absence has facilitated continuous revenue generation through the year. Finally, analysis of the revenue foregone by sick workers has by far surpassed capital cost of launching the fire prevention project.


This report endeavors to address the following objectives. To ensure that the fire and rescue plan is installed in time To ensure competent and skilled personnel’s are for the project.

To ensure that the project meets it predetermined goals.


Several benefits are derived by the project such as ensuring that the firm has a continuous production. Since the capital for initiating the project is less than the forgone revenues due to sick leave, the organization will be in a better financial condition. In addition, since this project will be able serve organization both in the short run and in the end.

Once the initial capital is provided, the other stages would automatically fall in their rightful place.


This entails capturing the cost items that are related to the project. These include the material costs, labor costs, transports and staffing and overhead costs. The project will involve the following cost items ItemDurationAmount($)Chief manager11 months25, 884Supervisor11 months19, 000Labor13 months47,199Materials54, 700Stationery20, 000Other costs and fees*200, 000Miscellaneous (@ 10%)34, 090TOTAL374, 989

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