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Project Life Cycle

The project life cycle includes four phases that a project will go
through to get to completion. They are initiation, planning, execution and


Initiation is the starting phase that defines all major
aspects of a project. These can be establishing the scope, deliverables and
objectives of the projects as well as creating a project team. Many types of
documentation would be created in this phase such as; a project brief with a
description of the project and what it aims to achieve along with the criteria
to meet; a project initiation document (PID) which states why it is important
and builds a foundation for the project to work off of; and a business case as
it contains the reasoning behind the project with multiple solutions and their
outcomes. A review at the end of the phase allows those involved to check that
everything that needed to be collected and looked at has been.

This phase is important as it allows project teams to know
what to aim for and what they are trying to achieve in detail before they start
with the other phases. In this the first step in the project management is
taken and an understanding of the success of the project is created for people
to see. Without these feature creep can occur, this happened with Apple’s
Copland OS


This phase consists of making plans to help guide a team and
to allow project to move smoothly with little to no issues. Many plans would
need to be created for the project some are; a resource plan which would look
at the people needed for the project to go ahead and the equipment and
materials that would need collecting; a financial plan which would show the
projects budget and what the money is being put towards; a risk plan which
identifies problems and how they would be solved if they appeared in later
stages; and a quality plan to ensure quality is maintained through control
measures and final targets. Document such as Gantt charts may be made to
provide a visual aid to those on the project team.

This phase is important as it makes sure not excess money is
being spent, all the targets are being met, there are no lasting issues from
the problems that may arise and the project is running within its timeframe.


This is the phase when the plans created in the previous
phase are put into action and the project starts development. Throughout this
phase many parts of the project are recorded such as, the risks onto a risk
register, the current task being worked on, any changes that may have accrued
and any additional costs that may have had to been made due to the changes or
forgotten factors. At the end of this phase a project closure report is made to
give a summary of; how the project went including information on many aspects
of finance and risks; the reasoning behind it ending whether it was end early
for any reason; and the overall performance of the project.

The execution phase is important as it is where the project
meets the client’s requirements by beginning work. It is also where a project
team focuses on making the final outcome of the project a good quality and
finishing within the budget and timeframe without this a client would not be
satisfied with the project.


In the evaluation phase feedback is gained from many sources
such as clients, users, stakeholders in the project and the project team. This
is to check the project as achieve what it set out to do in the initiation
phase and if it has change in any way to the original scope and deliverables. A
client acceptance form would be created to get the agreement from the client
that the project is fully complete.

This phase is important as it finalises the project and
allows checks to take place that make sure all aspects of the project are to
the clients desires.

Project Methodologies








Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC)


Action Development (RAD)








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