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Project Integration Management lies under the Knowledge
Area. It blends the process groups and the ten knowledge areas together to
capture the success in project aim. In this knowledge area all the processes
get integrated. Key features: Identify Define, Combine, Unify and Co-ordinate.
The following are the processes i.e. Initiating, Planning, Executing,
Monitoring & controlling and finally closing phase. And on the other side
for integrating activities are:

Develop, review, analyze and understood the

Prepare a plan following structured approach.

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Perform activities to produce project

Measure and monitor all aspect of project
success and take appropriate actions to meet project’s aim.

Project Charter: It outlines the purpose of project like
summary budget, milestones, high level project description and high level requirement.
Generally, this document is generated by project sponsor. Without this document
it would be bit tricky to manage the project successfully. Key benefits of
charter are:

Well-defined project start.

Project limitations.

Formal record of the project.

Formally accept and commit to the project.

Two things to keep in mind while preparing the charter are:

Formally authorizes project.

Documents initial requirements.

Develop project charter:

Project manager is identified and assigned.

Authorizing project manager to apply resources
to activities.

Sponsor should be at a level that is appropriate
to funding.

Sponsor’s signature.

Link the project to the strategy.




Project SOW (statement of work).

Business case.


Enterprise Environmental Factors.

Organizational Process Assets.

Tools & Techniques:

Expert judgment.

Facilitation techniques. (Brainstorming:
capturing bullet points from different people through their point of view)


Project charter.

Note:-For every process group there are inputs, outputs and
tools technique.

Develop Project Management Plan: It defines how project is
executed, monitored and controlled, and closed. Project Management Plan includes
three base lines:

Cost performance baseline.

Schedule baseline.

Schedule scope baseline.

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