Professional ethics and a professional is one have

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Professional Commitment: Meyer and Allen (1994)
state that organizational commitment is:

A psychological state that a) characterizes the
employee’s relationship with the organization b) and has implications for the
decision to continue membership in the organization.

researchers use similar definitions that refers to an employee’s attachment,
goal congruency, identification, loyalty and allegiance to their organization.
Researchers generally agree that there are three facet used to classify types
of organizational commitment. Three types of commitment are Affective Commitment,
Continuous Commitment and Normative Commitment. Affective commitment refers to
employee’s perception of their emotional; attachment to or their identification
with their organization. Continuous commitment refers to employee’s perception
of the coast associated with leaving the organization. Finally, normative
commitment refers to employee’s perceptions of their obligation to their
organization. For instance, if an organization is loyal to the employees or has
supported his/her educational efforts, the employee may report higher degree of
normative commitment. This three pronged allows for identification of the
underlying basis for each type of commitment and researchers have clarified the
unique antecedents and outcomes related to each type. (Meyer, Stanley,
Herscovitch & Topolnytsky, 2002).

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may be occupational with
a service orientation whose work is systematically and continuously informed by
a growing body of knowledge peculiar to the practitioner and governed by and
acknowledged code of ethics and a professional is one have a particular
profession as a permanent career.

“Professional can be defined as a
work practitioner or one who engages in a specific activity”.

             As a source of livelihood and
performing or practicing as awful time occupation. Commitment is longer and
more intricate process. It consist of achieving one’s permanent attachment to
and acceptance of specific employment as a way of life.

Clark in 1970 has specified the
persons according to commitment of job.

Committed person

 Semi committed person

committed person

committed person

              According to Clark, uncommitted
persons are who forgotten their oath of the profession, the semi committed
persons are at the margins of two way of life. He works more or less regularly
on his/her specific job but maintain his/her connections to somewhere else
also. The generally committed person is one who has completely served his/her
connections with the specific field to become a permanent member of that
particular organization. On the other hand, specifically committed person is
permanently attached to a particular occupation and adopts it as a way of life.
Level of commitments varies from
person to person. The major cause of this variation might be the self-concept
of each person. It might be assumed that level of job satisfaction is the
determinant of the level of commitment with the professional activity.

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