The the port of shipment, the steamer Agent

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The Customs seals on the above have been shipped under my supervision.

At the port of shipment, the steamer Agent will also file the export manifest in duplicate regarding the containerised cargo, in the container unit of the export department of the Custom House.

The container unit of the export dept. will, within 24 hours of the receipt of the S/Bills, telex that portion regarding the fact of the shipment to the concerned ICD giving reference of the S/Bill number to which it pertains.

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The ‘container unit’, with reference to the date of filing of the S/Bill at the ICD/CFS and the date of entry outwards of the vessel by which it has been shipped and in case there has been any change in the rate of Duty/Cess in between the two dates, immediately issue a telex pointing out the same with reference to the particular S/Bill Number.

The ‘container unit’ shall then dispatch one copy of the ‘Transference S/Bill’ and one copy of the export manifest under registered A.D. to the ICD/CFS Collectorate within 48 hours of their receipt.

A statement containing the following particulars shall be submitted to the Assistant Collector in-charge of the container unit on a weekly basis:

(i) Shipping Bill Number, date of filing of S/Bill at the ICD, date of entry outwards of the vessel whether any change in rate of duty has taken place, if so whether any telex has been issued,

(ii) Date of loading of the container,

(iii) Date of receipt of the S/Bills in the container unit of the Export De­partment,

(iv) Date of filing of the Export Manifest,

(v) Date of dispatch of the documents referred to above, to the ICD Collectorate,

(vi) Date of telex regarding GR forms issued to the ICD Collectorate.

The Assistant Collector will check the statement to ensure that all the

Shipping Bills and manifest have been duly despatched to the ICD/CFS Collectorate and that telexes regarding shipment certificates and change of Duty (if any) have been duly dispatched.

A copy of the statement may also be forwarded to the ICD/CFS Collectorate each week so that proper correlation can be kept at the end.

The second copy of the Transference Shipment Bill will be retained by the Custom House for publication of export statistics.

Procedure at the ICD Collectorate:

The Export Manifest, Transference copies of S/Bill and the weekly statement received from the Custom House will be correlated for finalisation of drawback claims, closure of export manifest and for redeeming of bonds if any, for export of import containers within six months of the date of importation.

Transference copies of the S/Bill should also be scrutinised from the point of view of entry outwards of the vessel, to ensure that no change in export Duty/Cess has taken place in between initial assessment made in the ICD and final export. If any change is there, the duty Cess should be collected or refunded as per Section 27 and 28 of the Customs Act, 1962.

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