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There are certain techniques which are helpful in successful handling of objections.

Following are some of the important techniques: 1. Listening attentively, 2. Cushioning the jolt, 3. Anticipating objections, 4. Admitting valid objections, 5. Preventing objections. 1. Listening attentively: Before any attempt is made in meeting objections, first of all the salesman should listen to the prospect attentively.

It is quite important for the salesman to listen-carefully to the prospect. While talking, the prospect should not be interrupted in the middle. A patient hearing proves to be of great help to the salesman. First, the prospect’s enthusiasm to raise further objections gradually dies down. Secondly, the salesman is able to understand the objections in its right perspective. Therefore, adequate time to raise objections must be allowed and direct confrontation with the prospect during this talk should be avoided. 2. Cushioning the jolt: The cushion technique makes the shock of the objection lighter.

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This works like a shock absorber. The salesman has to soften the jolt of the objection considerably, by softening it. For example, he can invite a third party to act as the neutral judge, and seek his unbiased opinion.

This soothes the objection of the prospect and helps the salesman to establish his views before the prospect. Sometimes, it becomes essential for the salesman to agree with the prospect’s objection, to a certain limit. This also helps to soothe the prospect to a great extent. 3. Anticipating objections: One of the most effective methods of meeting objections is to anticipate them in advance and answer them before it is raised by the prospect. An intelligent salesman usually covers all possible objection points to be raised by the prospect and their possible answers during his sales talk. As such, some of the objections are clarified before they are actually raised.

A properly planned and carefully presented sales talk followed by adequate demonstration naturally reduces the number of objections likely to be raised by the prospective buyers. The salesman, during his sales talk, should cover all the selling points as well as most commonly raised objections. Once the salesman is aware of the possible objections in advance, he becomes fearless and confident while meeting such objections. 4. Admitting valid objections: A good salesman always welcomes valid objections. However, valid objections are explained intelligently by the salesman so that the prospect is fully convinced. For example, when a prospect complains about the high price, he has to admit it. But he can overcome the objection by saying that good quality and durable articles always cost a bit high.

Thus, the salesman requires a lot of skill and tact to answer such objections. 5. Preventing objections: While presenting a sales talk, salesmen generally make some common mistakes. These mistakes include the salesman telling sentences like, ‘You cannot challenge me’, or ‘I am telling you it is so’, or, ‘You do not know anything’ and so on.

By avoiding such silly mistakes, the salesman can prevent subsequent objections. He should take all precautionary measures not to use over positive and egoistic sentences and also not to prevent the customer from saying anything during the sales talk. The salesman should always remember that if the ego of the prospect is hurt, it will lead to the emergence of so many objections. All objections should be met in a tactful and defensive manner. In some cases, where the salesman cannot meet the objections reasonably, he can humbly seek the permission of the prospect to clarify his doubts another day. He can praise the prospect for raising a valid point and make the prospect gratified. But every possible effort should be made to answer the objections immediately.

Usually this leaves little doubt in the minds of the prospect about the salesman’s honesty regarding the sales proposition. While overcoming objections, the salesman should never be annoyed and must be very tactful to handle the objections. An intelligent salesman always overcomes objections by his tact, intelligence and friendly behaviour.

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