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 Privacy Issue’s:  When we study regarding wearable devices there are certain security concerns which surround them we are going to state them as follows:   From a customer point of view if I am using a device e.g.: Fitbit which tracks my daily health activity I expect important information concerning my health to be given to me safely without compromising my personal data. These devices come with inbuilt global positioning tracking system which can track the current location of the user. If there is any attack on the security system of the device the personal data of the user such as their current location gets compromised. On the other hand, the hospitals or the various health care institutions collect this data and analyze it. The data should be securely stored and access to this data should be carefully granted. As the value of this data is really high these health care institute face threats such as hacking attacks or virus infection into their security systems. Also, once the data is collected on the device it has to be transferred to the health care institutions via a secure channel. If we transfer the data through the Bluetooth then security of the mobile might be at risk possibly a target to the hacker. Usually the data on mobile or other devices is encrypted for safety but in case of wearable devices there is no encryption of data there are mostly third-party application and some companies do not follow required security standards due to which customers personal data might be under the risk. The other risk we face is of the signal interception suppose we have a wearable device which is connected to our personal mobile through the network of any private organization then it becomes an easy job for the hacker to hack into the security system of the private organization due to known security flaw in our wearable device.  Candidate Methods to Address the Privacy Issues: Before we purchase any wearable device the best way to ensure privacy is by knowing the security features of the device only if the device meet the security standards we can go ahead with it also the manufacturer provides important security updates the customers need to follow them and update their devices in time.       The data collected by the health care organizations should be used only to treat and provide good medical attention to the customers. Also, the organizations should have right infrastructure to support the data which is collected also the network security should be high such that any security failure are immediately reported.  We need to establish a secure channel in order to transfer data such that it is securely transferred to the storage system, because when we transfer the data there is a high risk of it to be intercepted and leaked therefore a proper channel should be established. Also, it is suggested that the data can be transferred securely through the physical channel rather than the wireless medium. The transfer of data should be administered in order to prevent any violations.  The wearable device should follow design module which supports encryption so that the data is encrypted and secured. These health care devices should always follow frameworks which provide encryption to the personal data. If the signals from the wearable devices are picked up by any other source other that the authorized organization then the security alarms must be in place to seize the transfer of the remaining information and secure the data. Certain specific protocols should be designed to securely transfer the data such that the risk of interception by the hackers is overcome. 

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