Prelude:Just just want to say that i’ve

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Prelude:Just before I start making my application I just want to say that i’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and I’m so happy it’s here.=====================================================» IGN (In Game Name):Mekroman –» Age:I’m currently 14 years old.» Timezone:UTC +01:00=====================================================» Do you have telegram?:Yes I do have telegram and I’m experienced in using it.» Do you have teamspeak?:Yes I do have teamspeak aswell, and I have been using teamspeak for a long time.» Do you have a good mic?:Yes I do have a good mic so the players and staff members can understand me.=====================================================» How many hours will you be online a day? (week-days):Monday: 6 HoursTuesday: 6 HoursWednesday: 5 HoursThursday: 5 HoursFriday: 4 Hours=====================================================» How many hours will you be online a day? (weekend):Saturday: 5 Hours (Unless its SOTW then I will be on all Sunday: 4 Hours=====================================================» Are you staff on any other servers currently?:No I am not=====================================================» Why should we pick you as a staff member?:I think I should become a staff member because I have been staff on alot of server that I will tell you about in “Do you have any previous staff experience?” And I’m also active and always nice to the players. I hate being toxic or seeing people being toxic to other people. I have also been playing on the server since I don’t know how long, its insane. I also love talking and helping people, its just the best. So I think this is why I should be picked.=====================================================» Do you have any previous staff experience? (If yes, on what servers and what ranks):GreekHCFPlayer Count 30-50 Rank Staff ManagerGreekHCF is not a popular server at all as you can see but it was actually fun being a staff manager on this server, but the reason I left is because of the owner. The owner did not put in any time to the server and just didn’t care anymore.=====================================================ValuxNetworkPlayer count 100-200Rank Trainee//T-ModValuxNetwork is probably the best server I have ever been staff on because of all the friends I had on the server. I had around 4 friends being a staff member on the server, so that’s probably why I loved being a staff member on that server, the reason I left tho is because I just didn’t enjoy being a staff member on a Practice server.=====================================================FenixMCPlayer count 30-50Staff ManagerFenixMC was kinda a shit server overall because of how the server owners managed the servers, they were really toxic and abused for themself and stuff like that. So I left the server because of that.=====================================================HCNationsPlayer count 70-200T-ModHCNations is a big server, and I was maybe only staff for 4-5 days because of the other staff members on the server they were toxic and just didn’t to their job. So I didn’t wan’t to be the only staff member doing anything so I left because I just felt like it was hopeless being staff on there.=====================================================» Have you ever been punished on our network?:No I have not.» What attributes would you bring to the staff team?:___________________________________________CommunicationCommunication is key in my opinion, when being a staff member you should always be able to communicate with other staff members on the server.___________________________________________MultitaskingBecause of my two monitors i’m able to multitask as I’m staffing on the server, so I’ll be helping people im teamspeak while i’m either banning/warning/muting people in game.___________________________________________ForumsWhen being a staff member you should really active on the forums to make a good community. So you can either reply to staff application’s or do ban appeals.___________________________________________TrustedYou always have to be trusted when being a staff member so the owner/staff manager can promote you and won’t be worried.___________________________________________RulesI know all the rules for delta and you should if you are going to be a staff member on any server.___________________________________________Support RoomsBeing able to do Support Rooms is just the best thing out there when being a staff member because I love helping people and just getting a “Thanks” or a smile back.___________________________________________DemotedIf I would of gotten demoted then I would of taken it right and then either just left the teamspeak and kept on playing on the server and then make a new application so I can become a staff member so I can fix the problem I did last time.___________________________________________MotivatedI’m not a lazy person, if someone tells me to do something or if its SOTW then i’m always Motivated___________________________________________Languages I can speak, Swedish and English so if someone ever need a Swedish Translator then I can help.___________________________________________RespectfulYou should always be Respectful even if your not a staff member. Respect if key to getting friends and getting people to like you, give respect get respect___________________________________________SITUATIONS___________________________________________HackerA player comes into teamspeak telling me they got killed by a hacker or they saw their friend get killed by a hacker. I would start with asking them to provide proof so I can see if it really happened. If they do provide proof then I will first of all ban the hacker and get a mod to reset their inventory and their dtr!___________________________________________SpammerI see a player spamming in chat, then I would of either warned them or muted them for the time spec it says in the staff guide!___________________________________________DDosser/DoxerIf a player tells me ingame that a player is either hitting them off then I would of asked them to provide proof so I can provide the proof over to an admin/owner so they could blacklist the player, and if they don’t have any proof then I would of told them that there is nothing I can do.___________________________________________Famous Youtuber / Youtuber If a youtuber or a famous youtuber tells me they got killed by a hacker then I would of threaten them the same way as all the other players on the server, becuase I feel like everyone should have the same rights on the server while playing so no one gets threaten diffrent.___________________________________________» Additional information:I’m a 14 year old swedish minecraft player that is going to be 15 this year, I just love helping people overall and its just the best and I have been waiting for this moment for a long time haha, you can ask Azut. Well thanks so much for reading my staff application, please give me some feedback in the comments!

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