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Fashion is a general term that that refers to the style in clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags among others. Essentially, fashion is a tool of communication because it tells others about us, and thus we are addressed according to our dressing. Prada and Christian fashion are two distinctive fashion houses. This paper focuses on their shared attributes and their differences.

Mario Prada established Prada fashion in 1913 and has continued to be inherited by his descendants since his death. The fashion label initially concentrated on making outfits from leather especially handbags. According to Tsang the clothes and accessories that are made by this designer label are very expensive, which implies they are meant for high-end market.

For instance, the handbags are lacy and come in bright colors. The clothes that Prada designs do not reveal a lot of skin, which makes them appealing to the conservatives. On the other hand, the clothes are very sexy, which makes them unique in the market.

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Prada is also involved in manufacturing of mobile phones. This innovation has been realized through mergers and acquisitions of other related companies. The designs of Prada are a blend of old and modern culture, which is because of their simplicity. So far, the company has opened other branches in Europe and France.

Prada has another brand called Miu Miu that makes outfits for young consumers. In essence, Prada uses mergers as its strategy to overcome competition in the market. The company tried to purchase Gucci, but the efforts did not bear any fruits because Gucci was not willing to sell its shares.

Prada bought De Rigo group, which was the manufacturer of eyewear. The latter’s products were re-branded to become Prada eyewear. The acquisitions by Prada terminated in early 21st century. By the year 2005, the company had incurred many debts and thus, some of its labels had to be sold in a bid to recover from the debt crisis.

Prada has successfully designed many labels, including Helmut Lang, Amy Fairclough and Jil Sander. Similarly, the head office of Prada is in Italy, which means the products originate from Italy. However, Prada has been on the spotlight for failing to safeguard the interests of its employees. This is because the company does not allow its employees to join trade unions.

On the other hand, Christian Dior is another clothing line that started making jewelry to compliment its designer label that was and is still comprised of ready-to-wear clothes. The label is named after its founder who was inspired by his frequent visits to Europe. The dresses that Dior designed after the Second World War had very soft shoulders and usually reached the knee area (Flanagan 1).

Consequently, Dior shifted to making jewelry for the high-end market. The designs of this fashion house can be identified through the oval shaped nametag. There are so many imitations of this design in the market and thus, the nametag does not guarantee originality. The pieces are made from rhinestones that are toned with gold.

Additionally, the designs of Dior come in bright colors that are coupled by floral motifs. Dior was a reformer because he is the one who introduced dresses that had thin waistlines, raised bust area, and spherical shaped shoulders. Women who felt that the design was not addressing the acute shortage of textile materials used his inventions with a lot of resistance.

Dior’s outfits are comprised of more than two complimentary colors. This is most common in handbags. The hemlines of Dior’s dresses extend to the ankle and have multiple curves. Christian Dior has multiple outlets and each operates as an independent unit. This is because the products are tailored to meet the needs of the locals. For instance, the outlets in Japan sell merchandise that is relevant to the locals. This is because fashion varies from one geographical location to another.

The above principle was adopted when the designs borrowed from Paris were rejected in the US. In 1975, Dior rolled out a label by the name Miss Dior, which was intended for the young consumers, especially those who participated in skiing in the region. This sport was an important marketing strategy because skiing is very popular in Europe. Besides, as compared to Prada, Dior has an outstanding market share for its labels in New York.

In this regard, the two companies mentioned have many differences and common strategies. Both are oriented for high-end markets. This is evidenced by the fact that the lowest commodity by either of them is valued at more than 100 dollars. The two companies are forced to diversify by the challenges in the markets and the discovery of new opportunities. Prada has made the highest number of purchases as opposed to Christian Dior, which has only disposed a few labels.

Imitations have affected these companies greatly and that is why Prada decided to brand its products to help consumers draw a line between counterfeits and original labels. Christian Dior intended to emulate Paris designs to Americans, but the Americans were not willing to adapt the new fashion. Prada has proved that fur can be used to make appealing garments by making multiple pieces using this material.

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