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Popular MusicStyle & GenreBob Dylan Folk MusicFolk music is…Often the songs would have a guitar, vocals, and a harmonica. The The main feature of Folk music is the strong poiltical messages often protrayed through the songs. The lyrics are also expressed what the working class were feeling at the time. Folk singers are all about the authenticityand coming from background where they aren’t well off finachally they wear scruffy jeans and tshirts when performing.A performance technique used on guitar in nearly every folk song is finger picking.Early types of folk musicFolk music is a genre that has orginated from the British Iles it was traditionally passed down by word of mouth. It was passed on when the people from the united kingdom came over to start a new life in America. English folk music typically is in strophic form and uses a varity of instruments such as a fiddle. 2Scottish folk music could include bagpipes. 2Irish Folk- Bluegrass developed when a small percentage of 3Fiddlers conventionCommercial Music -In 1917 at the same time as the  red scare the record relised the huge sae that could be made through targeting nostaljic  at the immigrants . -When John Lomax lost him job in the depression he put together a complicasion of cowboy songs that sold so well it inspired him to travel round with his son Arron Lomax the state prisons to look for musicians. Just three months in he found who he was looking for, Leadbelly. Leadbelly and Lomax found themself travelling. Leadbelly was in extremely influetial musician because he was singing about criminals and being an underdog which gave folk music more of an edge to it.-A band called the weavers made it to mainstream by cleaning up the vocals to sound pretty and focused on non controversion topics to sing about. All the while being they were being shunned by the rest of Bob Dylan Bob Dylans changed the status quo his voice didn’t conform to what a singer usually sounds like. At some points he even sounds out of tune. He was the first folk musician to write about his own experience. Dylan was the voice of the youth that were bored of the limiting converitive views of the sixties. Which invloved him performing at various protests including Bob Dylan from an early

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