polygyny?The our destination in the afterlife. Shi’a

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polygyny?The state ofhaving two or more wives at the same time; this is permitted in some Islamicnations but it is not widely practised. Although polygyny is a form ofpolygamy, they are not the same thing; polygamy is persons of either sex havingtwo or more spouses. In Islam,women can have only one husband.polytheism?Belief inmultiple deities, as practised by, for example, the ancient Greeks, Romans andEgyptians, the Norse civilisations and some branches of modern-day Hinduism. Rejection ofpolytheism is one of, if not the, key Muslim rules; the first Pillar of Islam is professingmonotheism.polytheistic?Adjectivalform of polytheism,worshipping multiple deities.

prayer?An activityperformed by virtually all religious people in some form, prayer iscommunicating spiritually with the God or gods of the adherent’s religion. InIslam, prayer (called salah)must be carried out five times a day and is one of the Pillars of Islam.predestination?The conceptthat all man’s actions have been pre-planned and are therefore pre-known by Allah. With anall-seeing and all-knowing God,there is no alternative to this concept for the believer, although Sunni Islamic scholars insistthat there is free will in humans, and the decisions we make in life willdetermine our destination in the afterlife. Shi’a Muslims believe much morein the free will of humans, and that their eternal reward or punishment will beof their own making.premium?Ininsurance, the premium is the amount paid by the insured to have theirproperty covered against loss or damage.price fixing?An agreementbetween two ostensibly competing companies to keep the prices of their productsor services withincertain limits to protect their profits.In principle this arrangement protects the profits of both companies in thecartel, as a price war between two competitors can only serve to reduce bothparties’ profits unless one party’s actions completely win the market.

Howeverin many markets, price fixing is quasi-monopolistic and is therefore illegalunder competition law. Price fixing often takes place in secret.

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