Poetry could be threatening, the man could be

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Poetry Theme/Style Analysis Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening:By: Robert FrostWhy do you think the title is appropriate for this Poem? Explain.I think the title “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is appropriate because it simplifies the plot of the poem it a couple words. Even though It’s a straightforward, and a plain title, it is very significant in explaining what the author is trying to portray to the audience. What is the overall subject and theme of this poem? I think the subject of this poem is about a man visiting Woods. Frost explains how the man shouldn’t be on the premises of the woods. At the start of the poem provides the readers with a sense of danger, where the horse had realized that they shouldn’t be there. “My little horse must think it queer”. The danger was also provided to us in the title. “Stopping by the woods on a Snowy Evening” sounds a little spooky. Also providing us features of the woods towards the end of the poem, ” The woods are lovely, dark, and deep”. So the man is being attracted by the darkness of the woods. Although the poem could angle towards adventure, or bravery, seeing that the man still continues the journey which could lead to his death. Overall I think that the poem is telling us that the theme is mainly about promises, family, hope, and love. The man is so mesmerized by how beautiful the woods are and thinks he should stay for the night, where he recognizes this is where he may die. But, the man thinks to himself about who he would be causing such pain to one he kept a promise and decides to go back. Identify literary devices and explain how their usage informs the reader about the subject and theme. A line on the poem “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep” presents me imagery on what the man is looking at or what the setting of the poem would look and feel like, although the woods being lovely, dark and deep is it so graceful, It sounds very lonely and dangerous, having no one in the woods could be threatening, the man could be attacked. Hope and promises are given to us by the repetition depicted In stanza 4, line 3, and 4  ” And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep”. This shows that the man still has hope, still has the power to continue with his life and to proceed by having the ones you love by your side.Reading the poem once or twice, I started to pick up a rhyming scheme along the way. Detecting how throughout stanza one “Know”, rhymes with “though” and “snow”, with a repeated rhyming scheme throughout the poem, ABAA. What is the author’s tone(attitude) toward the subject? Use examples from the poem to prove your point.The author, Robert Frost’s tone towards the subject of the poem is that is very calm, and soothing, he creates the man as a character without hesitation, just thought and he has his mind on it. The man has no feelings or emotions. “To stop without a farmhouse near”.How does this poem relate to you? In other words, what lesson did you learn from reading this poem that could apply to your own life?This poem could relate to people in many ways although for me, Similar to the man, at times I don’t take in consideration of the actions I attempt when they are wrong even though I think right, I don’t really think about how it could affect someone close to me. I learned that I shouldn’t be selfish and think of myself  

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