Played Central Asia and gradually spread to China,

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Played violin, the violin is held between
the left hand and the left shoulder, and
the right hand is used to pull the bow,
and the left hand, in addition to holding
the neck, needs to hold the specific
position of the specific string to adjust
the pitch of the violin The The violin
can stand or sit while playing, and the
violinist will be standing in solo.
• Most of the chamber music is played
or played in the orchestra, but there
are exceptions. If you are sitting, the
violinist needs to adjust the position
of the right leg, so as not to affect the
movement of the bow.Back: The hardwood on the back of the bodyBass bar: lean on the side of the bassBee-sting: trimmed into the piano, through the black part of the oblique seamBouts: the violin on both sides of the arc-shaped parts; neck end of the outer arc for the upper section, the waist called the middle or C section, the tail of the tail arcEye: the outer part of the head, the end of a circle of spiral riseF-holes: also called the sound hole, each side of the panel f-shaped openingsSoundpost: On the side of the piano, there is a vertical stand between the panel and the backplaneVolutes: The sprapart of the headneckThe violin includes the body (including the head, neck, fingerboard and resonance box). The string system (including the string axis, hanging string board, piano and strings) and bow. The piano is made of wood, made of maple and spruce as the raw material. The strings are usually made of metal; the bow is made of horsetail.• The earliest appearances may come from
Central Asia and gradually spread to
China, India and the Middle East.
• In the modern sense of the violin appeared
in the early 16th century in
northern Italy, Venice, Genoa and
other ports. It is called “violino” in
Italian, meaning “little viola”. The earliest
violin, in addition to some literary
and artistic works have reflected, there
is no preservation of the kind of matter.

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