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Jessica Berman-(Main Character) Recently started smoking pot and kind of paranoid. Smart girl, 17 year old senior in high school, as far as her parents can tell she is a good girl, she has never gotten into trouble in her entire life.

Marissa Kramer- an aged veteran in the pot scene. She is outgoing, wild and carefree. 20 years old, a sophomore in college and her parents are well aware, but not approving of all of her bad habits.

Mary Flood- Police officer, Obviously the one in charge, training her new partner what to do.
Brian Luckman- The actual arresting officer. New to the job, not quite confident in himself; on the quieter side.
Andrew Berman-Jessicas father. Pretty strict but does not often yell
Jonathan Kramer- Marissas father, a bit mean spirited, likes to joke a lot, but has a bad temper.

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Scene 1:
Characters-Jessica, Marissa and Mary
Setting- Glencoe Police Station, The two girls have been arrested for possession of marijuana
Mary: Ok girls….

(All three girls giggle)
Mary: Im going to take care of a few things, Ill be right back.

Mary gathers the papers in her hands and leaves the room
Marissa: She is so nice!
Jessica: I know, I wonder if maybe shell just let me stay here for a night
Marissa: Im sure it could be arranged, do you mind if I ask why though?
Jessica: I just am thinking it would have to be the safest place for me once my parents find out.. It cant be so bad, free food, a place to sleep. The clothing isnt that great, but Im sure eventually I would adjust.
Marissa: Yeah, thats a good plan, Im sure a little north shore girl like you could last 10 minutes in prison.
Jessica: Hey, I could too. How hard could it really be?
Marissa: Havent you ever seen Oz?
Jessica rolls her eyes at Marissa
Marissa: What! I was kidding!
Jessica: This is really neither the time nor the place.

Marissa: Sorry… (mumbles) just trying to ease the tension
Mary walks back into the room with a phone in her hand
Mary: Here Jessica, you want to try your parents again?
Mary hands Jessica the phone
Jessica: Thanks.
Everyone pauses a second as we wait for Jessicas parents to answer the phone, however, she cannot get a hold of them
Jessica: No ones home
Mary: Do they have a cell phone you could try them on?
Jessica: Yeah, one sec.

Everyone pauses again as Jessica once again tried to contact her parents.

Jessica: No answer…Shit.

Mary: Itll be ok, you can try again in 10 minutes. Ill just go put this back
Mary leaves the room to put the phone away
Marissa: Are you ok honey?
Jessica: Kinda… this is like adding insult to injury, the waiting is killing me. I mean I know it would be hard, but I would at least feel better if they just knew. If I could talk to them for a second.

Marissa: Itll all be alright, don’t worry
Jessica: (grunts)
Mary walks back into the room
Mary: Marissa, your father is here to get you
Jessica: Duh-duh-duh-duh-DUH
Mary and Jessica: Hehehe…

Marissa: SHHH! This is not a laughing matter (grinning)
Marissa walks over and gives Jessica a hug
Jessica: Good luck Ris
Marissa: You too sweetie…

Marissa and Jessica: Bye.

Marissa and Mary leave the room
Jessica turns towards the audience and speaks to them, as she will several times throughout the play. This will be indicated by Jessicas line being fully underlined in the script.

Jessica: So I guess you are wondering how it is I landed myself here? Where should I start…I suppose Park Street is as good of a place as any…

Scene 2:
Characters-Jessica, Marissa, Mary and Brian
Setting- The two girls after smoking quite a bit of marijuana are driving along Sheridan Road.

Jessica: Stop!
Jessica: This is my friend Marissa. She is driving my car, and not very well.

Marissa: Ooops (giggles) I thought it was a stop sign (continues to laugh)
Jessica: You are going to get us busted! Seriously, you need to calm down, how could you get that confused with a stop sign anyway?
Jessica: Ok, so Im a little paranoid, but wouldnt you be too? What kind of an idiot thinks a stoplight is a stop sign?
Marissa: (in a more serious tone) I thought it was a blinking red, I didnt know, relax.

Jessica: (mumbling) Youre relaxed enough for the both of us.

Marissa: What?

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