Planking is not an appropriate occupation for adult people

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The world seems to go mad because even the behavior of normal grown-up people is difficult to explain. They lay straight face-down where they like to be taken a photo by their friend to post it in some social network, such as Facebook.

You can do it on an elephant as Rosario Dawson, on table, in supermarket, on a square in the center of the city. It is a game that is called planking. Some people even play it at work. However, person cannot play games when he/she is on duty. Now, seven doctors and nurses from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, England, know about.

As The Telegraph reports, the staff of the hospital was suspended in planking during their night charge. This game is total madness. It seems that the whole world turned into careless little children that do useless and unimportant things just for fun not thinking about the consequences. Thus, this Internet craze is a “social illness” that should be treated because people should not forget about the necessity to grow up and face the reality.

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This game got a wide spread in social networks because there are a lot of sites and blogs dedicated to planking. However, pointlessness is one of the main disadvantages of planking. Jon Bershad states in his article You Know That Internet Phenomenon ‘Planking’? Seems That Tom Green Invented It In 1994 that a famous comic actor, Tom Green, created this fun.

He also claims planking to be a fine art. However, the main purpose of art is to inspire people live, love and create. It makes the world think about some important issues, arouses some feelings and worries and reveals the world-views and perception of the reality of some artist. But this so-called art does not go for any of these aims.

What is the point of this game? In fact, this game is made just for fun and for showing off what an unusual pose and place people can choose to plank. So, then, they could boast in Internet what they did. It is of no use both to society and to those who play it. In fact, even the sites and blogs explaining the rules of this game do not answer why people should plank.

If you want to enjoy your free time, spend it with your family and friends. Perhaps, some people do not know what they should do to entertain themselves, that’s why they decide to play this game. However, it would be more interesting not to lay straight face-down, but to communicate with the others.

The second reason against planking is its dangerousness. It turned out that people do no know when to stop and to what limits some game can extend. It seems to be a problem that person does not think that the things he/she does just for fun can be very dangerous.

As Marissa Calligeros reports to Brisbane Times, Acton Beale, a young boy of 20, died playing planking in Brisbane, Australia. The youngster was eager to take a photo of him balancing on the balcony of the seven-storey building. But he fell down and the ambulance did not manage to save him. Is any fun worth someone’s life? It should amuse people, and not put their lives in danger.

Who knows how many people got injuries because of their desire to make the most interesting photos in the most unusual places? Unfortunately, there is not statics to prove that such an awful case is not a coincidence that will not ever happen again. Thus, as Brisbane Times informs, the authorities of Australia were disturbed by the danger of this Internet phenomenon and ordered to fine people who will be spotted planking by police.

The similar measures were taken by Philippines government. Winston Castelo, a congressman of Philippines parliament, explained on his official web site that “Anti-Planking Act of 2011” was adapted as a response to the event that had happened in the country. The Filipino students undertook a very dangerous venture. They decided to block traffic of the busy street by planking in the middle of the road to protest against something.

The next disadvantage of this game follows from the accident described previously. The whole game seems to be not just ridiculous, but stupid. What rights could the students who decided to protest in such a way champion if they made the society to treat them as little children who need to be controlled? If some person wants other people to take him/her seriously, he/she should act accordingly.

However, one cannot deny that if so many people fell in love with this game, then, there is something catchy and interesting in planking. Perhaps, people are fond of experiencing wild emotions and adrenaline when they do something dangerous. It fascinates them as parachute jumping or motor ride. Thus, planking seems to be safer compared to these kinds of sport.

Moreover, it can be an art for people who cannot find another ways to express themselves. Each person has his/her own opinion, and the rest should take it into account. Thus, if someone considers planking to be a fine art, he/she should fill it with some purpose.

The next reason in favor of planking is that it could be a good game to entertain children and to have fun in company of friends because adults need to relax from their daily duties. However, some precautions are still to be taken to reduce the hazards.

No matter whether people consider planking to be a fine art, game, social phenomenon or Internet craze its pointlessness and dangerous make it be not an appropriate pursuit or entertainment for adult people. The main reason why planking became popular is the fact that celebrities began promoting it. Perhaps, it would be better if stars and famous people propagandized some social useful occupation. Leave extreme planking for people who enjoy risks and similar game with safe rules for children.

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