Plagiarism of other people without giving them credit,

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is essentially taking the work or ideas of other people without giving them
credit, or trying to disguise the work as your own. This becomes problematic in
academic communities because it is a form of cheating. It was installed into
our minds since we were young that cheating is unacceptable, and plagiarism is
held in the same category. It is also important to note that plagiarism is also
taking any graphs or pictures from websites and also not sources those cites.

Stony Brook University has a very clear and concise policy for academic
dishonesty. When a professor reports an accusation of academic dishonesty, you
are placed in front of a judiciary board who then decide your future in this

            Once you add sources and quotations
marks, if you are copying and pasting sentences, you are not taking credit for
someone else’s work, therefore you are not plagiarizing. There are three different
ways you can cite your sources in your academic work. There is ML, APA, and
Chicago style. When you are clearly noting or mentioning where you got your information
from, you are not plagiarizing.

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            It is fairly easy to avoid plagiarizing
if you always cite your sources. No matter how much you change around the
words, or paraphrase information it is always safe to cite your sources. That
is virtually the only way to avoid plagiarism, by using your own words and
ideas when handing in any sort of academic work. There are also various
websites available to the public to check your assignment for any signs of plagiarism.

This could help double check your work and be extra careful before handing it
in. Avoid asking your friends for their homework and keep your work original and
you should never have to face the Academic Judiciary Board. 

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