Physical effect their merits. And this results in

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Physical difference is depicted as any difference
which is related to physiological features of the bodySM1 . The physical difference between males and females
which is called ‘sexual dimorphism’ is pretty much related to their biological
differences SM2 as they are made different because of their biology.
But still men and women are pretty much similar than different. Like,
Aristotle defined women as deformed men. Men’s Y chromosomes as been defined as
decrypt X chromosomes. SM3 The key distinctions are usually biological which are
designed for reproduction process and to aid in our mutual attractionSM4 . But the formation of gender and gendered identities are socially
constructed. Families, schools, religious institutions taught culturally
appropriate attitudes and create gender differences by taking physical differences
into account.SM5 

Patriarchy takes physical differences SM6 and creates a value hierarchy in which males are
valued more than females and that effect their merits. And this results in
social and cultural differences in which males (masculine) dominates the
females (feminine) in the society. What Patriarchy does not take into account that
these differences are fundamental biological differences and it should not be
evaluatedSM7 . Just because of some biological differences between
men and women does not change the fact that men and women are pretty much
similar. The things most of the boys can do can also be done by girls too. A
girl can do physical sports like running, playing football, basketball or even
lifting heavy weights which is practically observed nowadays. And similarly, a boy can
play with dolls, cook food SM8 and can do all household work as these works are done
by their hands, legs etc. and not by their reproductive organs.

Feminist uses the concept of patriarchy to describe
the power differences between men and women. Some feminist employ patriarchy
only in the specific and limited sense, to describe the male dominance in the
society. Like the supremacy of father in the family which feminist generalizes
this concept as male dominance in the society. Some feminist describe
patriarchy as an institution in which females are controlled and oppressed by
males and creates a hierarchical society. For feminist, Patriarchy is an
ideology in which women is always dominated by men and always considered her
husband as Swami, Shauhar. Pati, Malik,  
Devta, Lord, Owner, God and women are considered as the property of men.
Patriarchy uses these oppression and supremacy and creates hierarchical
valuation and inequality between men and women. And that’s why Feminism
challenges these valuations and seeks equality in the society which are bounded
by social and cultural differencesSM9 . Feminist see these physiological differences as
socially construct and challenges them. And they do this by methods of equal
valuation, inversion and multiplication. Feminist sees all those masculine features of
being rational, strong, earning and feminine features of being emotional, weak,
non-earning as socially constructed valuation and has nothing to do with
physiological differencesSM10 .
And that’s the reason Patriarchy is not dynamical, but feminism is.

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Grade: C. Although You have fulfilled
basic requirements of the question, There is basic confusion regarding biology,
physiology, and physical when talking about differences – you arbitrarily
oscillate between using them interchangeably and as distinct from each other.

that it? What about differences in physical capabilities? Are those not seen as
physical differences?

goes beyond physiology, so the two cannot be mapped onto each other completely.

not support what you’ve said before – in fact, directly contradicts it.

does that mean, and how is that relevant? Basis for this claim?

What does this have to do with the question?

ones? Do you mean literally the external sexual/reproductive organ differences?
Or something more/less?

differences? The difference between masculine and feminine? Then you are
confusing social construct with biology.

are skills, not specific physical activities. Please notice the very different
list of activities you are listing for the two and the different definitions
they imply for what is ‘physical’.

general statements with no direct relationship with this question.

are contradicting yourself here. 

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