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PHP is one
of the major programming languages that supports many website developing
frameworks, giving a significant rise to the of new PHP web development frameworks.

Here are
some of the most important major PHP Web Development Frameworks in 2018

1.     Zend- It is a high performance,
object oriented framework used for web development. It consists of a lot of customized
services, features, and feeds eases web development for a web developer.

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2.     CakePHP- CakePHP is an ideal
framework for high sapeed web development process. It has a high security
features which makes it more easy to protect general functions. One of the
advantages of CakePHP is that it uses a pre-written code a lot of time in web development

3.     Codeigniter- It is one of the best
platform for developing dynamic website with PHP programming. It is an oopen
source framework. Codeigniter provides better documentation and long time

4.     Symfony- It is also an open source
framework which makes it very cheap or almost free of cost to the web
developers. It is considered the most convenient owing to its time-saving

5.     Laravel- Laravel is one of the most used
frameworks. It includes a lot of premium features and tools. Most of the web
developers use it for web development as it offers strong encryption tools and helpful

6.     YII- Yii is a high-performance
component-based PHP framework used for Website Development. It is an
open-source, object oriented PHP Framework. It is a fast, very convenient to
use PHP framework.

developing websites, a web developer has to have basic knowledge of every PHP
frameworks. They should have the knowledge different functions that different frameworks

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