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Philip Pirrip Jr. as he pronounces it Pip, was born into a family in poverty. His parents died when Pip was at a very young age. He would be given the opportunity to live with his sister instead of going to an orphanage. Mrs. Joe, Pip’s sister, is married to Joe Gargery a blacksmith. As Pip grows up he begins to realize that he no longer wants to be a common folk but instead a gentlemen. He meets people on the way of his journey to becoming a gentlemen. Pip’s parents died when he was a very young age. He used to go to their grave sight and imagine talking to them and his other dead brothers. While at the grave sight. While at the graveyard, Pip runs into an escaped convict. The convict demands food from Pip and a file (he still as chains on his ankles). Only because he was scared for his life Pip does as he was told. This will help Pip later on in the story. Growing up Pips biggest ambition was to go up in class. No longer as a common folk but as a gentlemen. Pip met a woman by the name of Miss Havisham, a lonely heartbroken woman, who appoints Pip as Joe Gargery’s apprentice. This is his first work experience and his starting point for his ride to being a gentlemen.          While being with Miss Havisham, Pip is introduced to Estella, Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter. Spending time with Estella has made Pip fall madly in love with her. But, Estella is of a higher class than Pip. This motivates Pip into reaching his goal. Although Estella brings him down about his class saying how he has “rough hands” and his clothing is different. This just made Pip even more determined to reach this status of being a gentlemen. He wants to be able to marry Estella and live a lavish life.         Pip has been expecting (or rather hoping) to move up in life and become worthy of Estella. When he received his money from his unknown benefactor, Pip automatically assumed that this was Miss Havisham’s way of helping him become a gentleman, and thus, marry Estella. This benefactor is revealed by the end of stage 3. The money that the secret assailant has been getting Pip more and more chance into achieving his goal. He truly believes that if he rises in his class, he can possibly marry Estella.          Pip’s desire to become a gentlemen was a positive thing. He grew up from being parentless to working in London. He believes (what he thinks) that Miss Havisham wants to get Pip and Estella married. Lastly, Pip begins to realize that his goal has been reached. He can officially call himself a gentleman and not an apprentice to a blacksmith.

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