Petrol and diesel 



a diesel engine there is no need to ignite the fuel via a spark plug in fact
the fuel is ignited duo to the heat and friction of the engine,  grid heaters and block heaters help achieve
high temperatures for combustion during engine start up in cold weather.  Diesel is made from distilled oil and other
products as is petrol that will eventually run out of materials.

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Ø A diesel-powered engine can delivery up to 25 to 30%
better fuel economy compared to vehicles powered by petrol engines.

Ø Diesel cars are much slower but they are far stronger
compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Ø Disadvantages diesel costs just as much as petrol and
the performance of diesels aren’t as good as petrol not going as fast.

Ø They also need a lot of maintenance which isn’t good
as well due to them being very complex.



is made from oil like diesel that will also run out if we continue using it at
the rate we do and we will have to find a different source of power or
propulsion for our vehicles that I will explain about soon. And this petrol
does have to include a source of ignition like a sparkplug.

Ø 10000 kilocalories exactly are burned when doing so.

Ø Duo to the formula been excising for some time now they
have perfected it.

Ø  Since petroleum
has been around for some time, people have found a lot of uses for it. It can
now power vehicles such as cars bikes, boats, lorries, and a lot of machinery.





these fossil fuels can lead to environmental pollution because in doing so creates
a vast amount of toxic materials. If these are disposed in the wrong way, they
can soak into the ground and spread dangerous chemicals that can pollute lakes rivers
and streams which also has the potential to kill animals.  Burning petrol gives of a substantial amount of
carbon dioxide and other gases, which can pollute the atmosphere, add to the
greenhouse effect, and lead to global warming…


we will run out of oil however there is a debate on how long that will be. 

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