Pete nonsensical world. The fantasy is still there

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Pete Docter style is defined by the way he uses a character’s physique to translate a whole personality, in a way that the audience is able to know this character through the way they look. Also his constant way of showing characters in an emotional and realistic way, in contrast with many other animation films or even Pixar films. He still manages to show fantasy in some aspects, but realism inside the character’s personality and journey is always there. He moves away from that stereotypical goal of finding something unrealistically fantastic such as a soul mate, or a nonsensical world. The fantasy is still there but the problems this characters are going through could be consider real life situations. For this director in particular and the way he differs from any other Pixar director is the way he uses all of this special details to develop a character which is a trait he relays on as animator. Character Geometry: The main medium to every narrative are the characters that are alive inside  the universe of the film and the way they react to one another and the circumstances they face. Yes, a story is important, but we, as an audience, want to know who is the story about and connect with the characters, learn how to feel empathy with them. All of this while still focusing in the unfolding of the events. They help us interact more with the world we are being introduced to, relate to it and picture ourselves in their shoes.  In regards to animation the character it is fully done by hand and created by the animator and director. The animator has full control on the character and this makes them capable to alter the character to their own intention. Pete Docter is significantly good in shaping up a character all according to their personality and relating their visuals to who they are in the story. The design of a character will be influenced of course on the setting. Considering the setting and the theme of the story the character will be start to be built up in relation to it, but there is still more in shaping a character than in where are they located.  Most animation films are used to taking a character and making him a brand ambassador. This means that the character will be the face of the product, so it has to be a striking marketable design. Pete Docter stays away from this ideal of the character as just a face and valuing them as how marketable they will be takes away from the character itself. It becomes more an artistic creation and what do you want your character to be, for example how does it appeal visually less than how much will it sell.

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