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I believe that religion is a very scary thing. I scares me that parents can bring their children up in a family dominated so much by their belief in God, that they know of nothing else.

Children go through their life believing that if their faith is strong enough, nothing will harm them. God will protect them overall, all will be fine… perfect. How can people so blindly believe in something without proof.

Faith and the utter belief in something lacking in proof scares me. It becomes such a self involved thing, ‘God will love me if I just believe in him’, it is a cycle that goes on till the believer simply lives in a bubble of blind faith. What happens when someone pops that bubble? When they enter the real world and realize that “Hey! it’s not as wonderful as I thought”. How’s their faith going to help them then?

All faith will do is force them into either another bubble of complete denial or one of rebellion! Obviously there has to be more to life that this. How can we truly believe that we are the be all and end all of life? Believing in that is as bad as blind faith.

But do we truly all need to be pumped from other spiritual believers trying to force us into their bubble of blindness. I conclude saying please think more laterally about life. Don’t do something just because your parents do. Doubt society, doubt conformity; it is the norm.

This is what life is about, finding things out for yourself, trying to gain as much information on everything as we can. Don’t believe blindly in God, think about your faith.

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