banking is the most popular banking service category offers by private and
public banks in all over the world. Every bank offers personal banking services
including deposits, advances, mobile banking, internet banking, credit card
etc. These services provided by a bank to individual customers. In this
category, offers verities of banking products that catering to customer’s needs
and expectations.

2.3.1 Types of personal banking

bank offers different types of personal banking products to their personal
customers. They are savings, loans, credit cards, term deposit, current A/C,
leasing, pawning, electronic banking and other facilities.

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2.3.2 Savings

bank offers verities of savings products to their personal customers catering
customer’s necessity. The bank divides personal savings accounts in to five
parts. They are regular savings, children’s savings, teenage savings, ladies’
savings and senior citizens’ savings. The main objective of those savings are
to give higher returns to the customers.

2.3.3 Loans

bank offers personal and business loans to accomplish customer’s financial

offer housing loans even at the age of 55, housing loans for Sri Lankans
working in abroad and business loans. They provide special benefits for each
and every loans facility.

2.3.4 Credit Card

credit card is a small plastic card issued by a bank for their customers to buy
services and goods on credit basis. These cards provide better security for
transactions and customers can make all transactions with one card.

2.3.5 Term deposits

bank offers regular deposits, flexible deposits and senior citizens FD. Bank
provides safe and secure service for customer investments through term
deposits. Term deposits are different than other products. Because term deposits
offer a higher interest for the investments.

2.3.6 Current A/C

accounts are offered to customers who are willing to have a large number of
transactions with the bank.Through the current accounts, customers can withdraw
amounts at any time without giving a notice.

2.3.7 Leasing

bank offers finest leasing deals combining with competitive rates and flexible
service. ABC bank leasing covers industrial, transportation, construction,
personal services, trade and commerce, health service and tourism sectors.

2.3.8 Pawning

bank pawning facility is a credit facility offered for immediate cash
requirements by pawning gold. Anyone who has ABC bank account, is eligible to
use this facility. Bank provides an attractive low rate for gold jewelry.

2.3.9 Electronic Banking

Banking is the efficient and safe service to access bank accounts within 24
hours a day. This facility uses electronic equipment and it includes online
banking, mobile banking, internet banking, ATM banking, phone banking, SMS
banking etc. Throughthis facility, the customer can manage their finances
online and customers can control their accounts over the phone.

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