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Patient: Name: Aast MaaAge: 8Weight: 52 pound Height: 49 inchesAbout Aast Maa:Likes to plays sports Allergic to dust and pollen On top of all immunizationsWas diagnose 3 months ago  Family history: Both parents grew up with this condition, and was diagnosed Identical twin sister also faces similar symptoms, she was diagnosed a year ago Older brother smokes in the house Symptoms that have been occurring over the past three months  :Shortness of breath as well as trouble in breathing Tightness in chest, chest pains, and chest congestions Wheezing Constant coughs Diagnose with inhalers : Reduce inflammationsReduced some chest pains  Medical records :Been using inhalers for the past 3 months Refilled the inhalers 2 in a week for the past month Had an attack 3 weeks ago ? symptoms became severe Diagnostic tests and procedures Spirometry test ? Measure the lung function, such as the amount and speed of air inhaled and exhaled ? It is a simple way to see if a person has this diseaseThis method will allow the doctor to see if the patient has the disease and after this the next test will be taken to check its severity Procedure The patient will be seated in a chair and then the doctor will place a clip on their nose to keep both nostrils closed and then place a cup-like breathing mask around the patient’s mouth.The patient will be asked to take a deep breath in, then hold their breath in for a few seconds, and then exhale as hard as they can into the breathing mask.The patient will repeat this test at least three times to make sure that their results are consistent and accurate. The highest value from three test readings will be use it as their final result.

Bronchial challenge test/ Methacholine challenge ? Tests to see how severe their condition is by narrowing the airways ? Measures a patient’s airflow with the help of a dose of a drug called methacholine ? Methacholine tests the allergic reaction of the patient’s airwayUsing this method will allow the doctor to give new medications base on the severity Procedure The patient will have to do a spirometry first.The patient will breathe in the first dose of methacholine using a nebulizer. The test is repeated to ensure accuracy The patient will be given a rescue inhaler to open the airways backup.

Spirometry will be done again after you take albuterol to be sure the airways are opening. ? The test once again will allow the doctors to determine the severity Treatment and prognosis? The patient will continue using inhalers ? The symptoms will slowly be reduced ? There is no cure for this disease but changing one’s lifestyle and using inhalers and puffers will allow the symptoms to be reduced Recommendation for lifestyle changeMaintain physical activity/ staying fit  ? 30 mins a day Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will along antioxidants to keep lungs healthy Annually get flu shots, try best not to skip the shots Try to stay away from those who smoke  smoking areas Maintain mental state Use the inhalers/ puffers correctly for insurance that it will reduce symptoms Doctor appointment/ checkups when needed References (, E.

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