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PART 1 – Introduction: About Yourself


I am Gregory Goh of Business Studies in Ngee Ann
Polytechnic. During Secondary 3, my secondary school had an exercise in which
we are to think about our future and where to go after secondary school. We had
to decide whether to go to Junior College or to go to Polytechnic. Having a
great interest in business, I was looking for polytechnic which offers business
courses. After doing some research, I found out that Ngee Ann Polytechnic was
prestigious for their business courses so I set my eyes out for one of the
courses offered. When I saw the large range of option, I was unsure of what to
choose. I wanted to explore and find out more about business before I decide
for a specialization. Hence, I decided to pursue the Diploma in Business
Studies. After receiving my results, I applied for the course of Business
Studies as my first choice.

Our CPP provided us with a skill inventory test during our
CPP module. I feel that activity that I have attempted during my CPP module was
very useful and enlightening to be able to understand myself more. The test
helped me learn that some of the skills I possess are research and planning and
work survival. This is a good reflection of me as during projects, I enjoy
doing research for the topic and learning more about it. After that, I sort out
the information I have gathered and organize it. Additionally, having worked
part-time jobs during the holidays, I feel that work survival is a skill that I
have a good grasp on. For example, the part-time job I work is in the Food and
Beverages industry. It is not the industry that I want to work in in the
future. Despite the job not being one that I would work in the future, I would
be able to find the positive in working and enjoy it to the fullest.

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After doing the Myers-Briggs personality
survey, I learnt that I had the INTJ personality type, also known as “The
Architect”. It states that I am a curious, decisive, ambitious and introverted person. However, I
dislike to spend my energy to achieve my goals. I feel that it perfectly
describes me as I feel like I have a lot of things that I want to achieve and
do but I am too lazy to do so. A few weaknesses of an Architect are that they
are over analytical and loathe highly structured environments. I feel that I
over analyse many situations I am in and I am not one to blindly follow rules
without understanding why I have to.

PART 2 – Your Preferred Job


The job that
I like to pursue is one that involves dealing with logistics and is on a global
scale. After doing some research, one such job fits my description and the job
is a Global Logistic Manager. The
industry that I like to work under is in the Manufacturing and Retail industry.
This is because I have family members who deals with logistics and supply
management. They would always tell me stories of their job and what they do.
After many years of listening to their stories, they have inspired me to pursue
in such a career and experience it for myself.

A Logistics
Manager is responsible for not only the delivery of manufactured goods around
the world to organisations, but also ensuring that the delivery arrives on
time. Additionally, one must be quick in thinking of solutions to problems that
may arise on the job such as problems with transportation, import and exports
and problems relating to customers. As a Logistic Manager, you will also need to
be able to supervise and lead a team of people from all over the world of
different age and races.

Some of the
qualification that are needed for this job is either a degree in business
management, logistic and supply chain management, engineering or
transportation. Additionally, work experience is also needed for this job. For
example, one needs to have worked a job which deals with logistics and supply
chain planning in a company large enough that it has an international
background. One also needs to have experience in dealing with ocean carriers
and managing and negotiating with teams of professionals.

There are
many skills needed for this job. One of the skills needed for this job is operations
analysis. Operation analysis is the skill where one understands the operation
of your organisation and thinking of ways to improve on it. For example, after
working in a company for several years, you found out how to improve their
transportation system through analyzing their time schedules and routes.

Another skill needed for this job is
critical thinking. Critical thinking is the skill where one weighs the benefits
and costs of an action and forms a conclusion. For example, after thinking of a
new way to improve the transportation system, you form the benefits and costs
of the new system. If the new system is costly to implement but helps double
your profits, it may be applicable to implement. However, if it is costly to
implement but does not help improve profits much, you may need to reconsider
the choice.

A sample of a recent job posting in on
jobstreet. I found a company known as MCI consulting is looking for a logistic


PART 3 – Course Structure and Modules


There are
many modules in the course of Business Studies. Many of these modules is
applicable in real world scenarios but there are a few that I feel are
important in the future and will contribute to my career goal.

One of the
modules I have taken in my year 1 studies is Business Law. It teaches us
aspects of law that are important in a business scenario such as the Law of
Contract and Business Laws. I feel that this module is very important as it
makes me more aware of what I have to look out for when I am in the working
world. For example, if I am setting up a company, I must know that it is a
separate legal entity and the number of members I need to set up a company.

module that I have taken in my year 1 studies is Economics. Both Microeconomics
and Macroeconomics. It teaches many things about how to do business and what to
look out for. For example, I am able to analyse the demand and supply of
particular goods and determine the best price to sell it at.

In year 2, I
have selected the module Finance of International Trade. The course covers the
basic of imports and exports. This is especially useful for the job I am to
work in. It will give me sufficient knowledge about my potential future career
and help me decided if it is the line of work I aim to be part of.

in year 2, we will be able to choose our Interdisciplinary Studies. I aim to
choose the module of Investing in Stock Markets. I believe that in Singapore,
having one source of income is simply not enough. With that belief, I like
investing in stocks to be my secondary form of income along side my job. Hence,
learning how to invest in stock markets will help me in this secondary source
of income.

As for
specialization, I aim to specialize in International Business.

In year 3, we
are to participate in internships. I aim to intern into a shipping or logistics
company so that I can gain a better insight on the work scope and environment.


PART 4 – CCAs and Enrichment activities


There are a
myriad range of CCAs in Ngee Ann. However, I am not in any as I cannot dedicate
the time to participate in these activities. I am in a few enrichment
activities and commit my time in outside activities.

One of the
enrichment activities I have partake in is a night course offered in Ngee Ann,
Basic Japanese. I have decided to sign up for this course not only because of
my interest in the Japanese language and culture, but also that I like to use
the knowledge that I have learnt now in the future. For example, knowing the
Japanese language means that my company can send me to Japan for business talks
and as a representative.

enrichment activity that I signed up for is the Advanced Diploma offered to
Business students. I decided to take up this course as with the advanced
diploma, it will provide me with an easier entry to university, which I
intended to enter.

Lastly, I am
part of the Sterling Committee of the alumni in my primary school. Through
that, I have known many people and learnt how to work with people of all ages.
For example, the chairman of my committee is the owner of a major law firm in
Singapore. Having such connections is important for my future.

PART 5 – Continuing Education and Lifelong


As stated in
part 4, I intended to continue my studies by enrolling into University. There
are many options of universities in Singapore. My most preferred choice is to
enroll into NUS, one of the most prestigious university in Singapore. However,
with a GPA like mine, NUS is off the books. My second choice would be SIM. I
would choose the modules that are needed in my preferred job. The more
important modules that I would need to choose are logistic and chain management
and business management. In SIM, they offer a bachelor for logistics and chain
management, the courses I need for my future job.  However, the cost of the course is S$44,426.40 for 24 modules and it is
to be paid within 6 semesters. With such high cost, I may opt to do part time
university. I could work and study at the same time and with the pay receive
from my job, I can pay for my university fees.

alternative choice I could choose if I opt not to go to SIM is overseas
universities. With my knowledge of Japanese language, I could choose to go to
Japan for my university or other countries that offer the course that I need. 

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