Pakistan the two countries have commonly exchanged high-level

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Pakistan and china friendship start in 1950 and Pakistan was the first Muslim
country which recognize china . Since then, both countries have very
near and helpful relationship and the two countries have commonly exchanged
high-level official visit subsequent in a variety of agreements. The PRC has providing financial, military and mechanical
support to Pakistan. Pakistan was one of only two countries, together with
Cuba, to offer central support for the PRC
in after the Tiananmen protests of 1989. Pakistan and china also share close military relation,
with China providing a variety of new weapons to the Pakistani security forces.
China–Pakistan Economic Corridor is a collection of substructure schemes
that are presently under construction all over Pakistan.
Firstly prized at $46 billion, the worth of CPEC projects is now worth
$62 billion. CPEC is planned to quickly improve Pakistani setup and support
its economy by the creation of new transport networks, many energy schemes, and
special economic zones.  The CPEC will join
Pakistan with China and the Chief Asian countries with highway attaching Kashgar
to Khunjerab and Gwadar.
Gwadar port
in southern Pakistan will serve as the trade courage center for China, as most
of its trade specially that of oil will be done over the port.

 Pakistan has reached economic high point with
Chinese support. Both countries have continuing free trade
agreement. Pakistan has worked as China’s central connection among Muslim
countries. Pakistan also played a central role in connecting the communication
gap between China and the West by helping the 1972 Nixon visit to China.
The relations between Pakistan and China have been described by Pakistan’s
ambassador to China. The long-standing relations among the two countries have
been mutually helpful. The Chinese management has acknowledged Pakistan’s
steadfast support on key problems.

China is an equalizer
to India
and the United States. Pakistan has also helped as a conduit for China’s encouragement
in the Muslim world. China also has a reliable record of supporting Pakistan in
local issues.There are solid military connections among China and Pakistan. The
solid military connections primarily aim to counter local Indian and American
impact. In current years this relationship has strengthened through continuing
military developments and contracts between Pakistan and China. Since 1962,
China has been a secure source of military equipment to the Pakistani Army,
helping establish missiles factories, provided that industrial support and updating
current services. In the earlier, China has played a chief role in the improvement
of Pakistan’s nuclear setup, especially when progressively strict transfer
controls in Western countries made it hard for
Pakistan to purchase plutonium and uranium inspiring tools from elsewhere such
as the Chinese help in building the Khushab
 which plays a key role in Pakistan’s creation
of plutonium. 50 kilogram bomb-grade uranium provided by china to Pakistan in 1982 that was so enough for at least
two atom bombs. Pakistan reserved the Chinese material
in storing until 1985.They had established some nuclear weapons on their own.
In the same year, Khan got Zia’s approval to ask if the Chinese need their
material back. Conversely, Chinese responded to Pakistan that the nuclear
material be measured as a gift in thankfulness for Pakistani help.China and
Pakistan  support that give each other is
measured important in overall skill, and has been compared to Israel – United States relations.

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