P7: to make sure everyone taking part in

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P7: Outline your proposal for allocation of roles and
responsibilities and collaborate with others to agree who does what

In this proposal I will be talking about the roles and
responsibilities I will need to assign as project manager to ensure my enrolment
project is successful. To ensure my project does succeed I will need to make
sure everyone taking part in the project is put where they will be most useful,
for this I will have to take into account their strengths, weaknesses and
interests. I will be using the following roles in my project:

Sixth form leadershipExternal suppliersHR functionFinanceProject sponsorBusiness analystProject manager

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Part of the sixth form leadership will be responsible for
the marketing side of the project. This is creating advertisements and
attractions to draw in external students and retain the current year 11
students, I will delegate this responsibility to Mr West. The rest of the sixth
form team (Ms Turnball and Mr Penny) will be in charge of open days and career
events. I feel like they would do best in this role because they have very good
communication and know the school and all its features inside out, so will be
able to show off the school in the very best light.

External suppliers will be in charge of the resources for
the expansion. This means supplying the necessary resources needed in order to
complete the project. For example, supplying all the bricks, cement, floorboards
and scaffolding needed for the physical expansion of the facilities at the
sixth form. The external suppliers will ensure that the construct team have the
tools and resources they need to complete the expansion in the timeframe.

The HR function will have the role of recruiting new staff
for the new courses the sixth form will be offering. This means that they will
need to see the current staff we have and access their strengths and
weaknesses, this will help recruit the right staff for the new courses to fill
the gaps we can’t as a sixth form. Furthermore the HR function will also be responsible
for training the new staff so they can adapt quickly to the work pattern at the
sixth form. In addition to this my HR team will need to create a training programme
based on the skills set required for teaching the new course. This will ensure
that the new staff are motivated and confident about their job.

One role of the finance department in the project will be budgetary
control. This helps

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