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Application is mainly proposed for College use, so the application
includes the product, which is based on college such as books, Sports
Items, Electronics etc. The buyer and seller act as students, where
students can post their needs and also search for the products


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Items for sale

forget to add images to your listing. Images show the condition of
the product, so add enough high-quality images to make an impactful,
attractive ad without undue clutter. Images are the correct
representation of your product.

a description: The next field requires a good description of the
product, as well as the product’s condition and features.

sure to describe your product completely and succinctly. Communicate
as much pertinent information as you can in a few words. You should,
at a minimum, describe the product condition, the date on which you
purchased the product, and any important features or faults.

your location

sure to enter your correct state, so that the buyer and customer can
meet at a place convenient to both. If the buyer is in any other
state or region, it may make the purchase much more difficult

the ‘Seller Information’

sure all information is up-to-date and correct, since it is the only
way for potential customers to contact you.


your desired product

should search with the most exact description of your wished product
within a few words to get the best results. (e. g. book, bag , etc)

the seller. 

you find an item you’re interested in, contact the seller using the
details provided. You can then organize a meeting so that you can
check out the item in person and decide if it suits your needs. It’s
a good idea to meet in public and be aware that some sellers might be
deceptive about their products. Check each potential purchase out
thoroughly before

the transaction.

your product. 

you get your product, carefully check it with all its components.
Take the product when you are fully satisfied with the condition of
the product.

can be safe when selling on OLX

like any other marketplace, there are bound to be unscrupulous
individuals out to take advantage of unsuspecting others. This is how
not to be the unsuspecting other. Ensure that when you are meeting
the interested buyer, it’s at a place you feel safe, coming with a
second party is handy. Should you need to verify whether the product
is genuine, do so before money is involved. If it’s a lumpsome of
money, you can always be choosy on this, either mobile money, bank
deposit or you could carry your own money verification equipment.
Take it just like any other transaction involving money.OLX stats
have it that quite a number of fraudulent sellers call themselves
pastors. Of course that is bound to make some of us drop their guard,
remember you are not friends or relatives but people in business.

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