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 On this very cold winter season, Our community is facing hardships and much stress. As Woodrow Wilson is inaugurated into presidency, The United states has entered the Great War. Our people , The Fifth Regiment, which was changed to the 369th infantry, have sailed to France from the US Army, but later as they arrived to the shores of France, They were assigned to the french Army. The original plan was to put African American troops for support activities such as building dams , railroads,warehouses, etc. Great Britain and France , their troops were way to tired and needed assistance from the United States Army so our troops were sent. The U.S department created two colored divisions, which is the 92nd and the 93rd division and the french of the 15th division were asked to join these two divisions. The french taught them trench warfare and using heavy guns. They practiced in boxing rings at home with bayonets. This caught any attention because I am a boxer myself. I have a deeply,great admiration for it. In the military, our men are struggling to serve our country. Boxing makes a real man and it proves the black man’s equality with the white man. It all makes us heroes. Many protests occurred for purposes of fighting on the front lines. We still protests because now, in the winter, we are fighting against poverty and feeding our children. We are facing the problem of the Great Migration as the bigger source. 
       When World War 1 broke out in 1914, there was cheap labor of immigrants from Europe that was cut off. United States had severe labor shortage. Many Northern businesses , turned to larger groups of unwanted workers which were the African American Southerners. The biggest draw for the African American Southerners was economic opportunity. African American women who work as domestics, make more money here in the North than the South. Equality through military service, diminished further more as our soldiers ( African American) returned home to face this racism we have. The increase of unemployment and inflation has forced the working class of African Americans to compete in jobs with the whites. Violence erupted. The red scare has triggered the NAACP. Marcus Garvey, who is a black nationalist from Jamaica, controlled the popular frustration, and the outrage of the African Americans. He preached racial pride and has rejected integration, glorifying the our communities heritage and our color. Garvey wants to make a strong emphasis on unity. 
       Many ideas are put into question on why , our community, have no right in issues facing this. We have to face many problems due to our skin color. Our troops are even better treated in Europe than here. The racial divide is horrendous, and if we get a stronger/equal pay, we don’t have to face these hardships that are occurring. If our children in the community get the better education we need, we are set for life. We didn’t do anything wrong, but just follow governments orders. This issue need to be addressed now. We are escaping the horror. We need to show the Whites that we have a respectable image of our culture and community. 
        If our image is shown, the economical, political activity, and social activity, will follow with us. We prove forever that the black man is every bit as smart, strong, and skilled as the white. “Black soldiers needed the authority of the white commanders” ( Harlem 1919, page 39) We were told that we were unfit emotionally and intellectually to take the position of that Military position, of any kind.
    I personally believe that we need to act as a black community and strengthen the country even if we are a minority , but we need to build a stronger bond and fight for our will. We are strong and we have strong men, stronger than the whites to end conflicts. Our women and children need to be supported. We are the one’s to bring the bread and butter to the tables of our loved ones and we are human as well. We may look different on the outside, but on the inside, we are the same . If we get the pay we need, our children and the new generation coming forward, can build a bigger bond and use the minds of their educated minds to think outside the box and get us out of this mess. Our sons are being sent to Europe and our wives and daughters , just like the whites, are upset and praying for them to return from war. Once they return, it’s not the same as on the field. Whites and black may fight together, but once coming back, they face the problems from the whites , not those friendly kinds. We get racial slurs , and the whites don’t think straight to realize we just fought for the same country and we get no credit for it. 

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