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Sick Kids Foundation is the second-largest paediatric research hospital in the world.(www.sickkidsfoundation.com)

As they are one of the leaders in research hospitals, it is important for them to keep up their status in the eyes of the ordinary public. They have a visually attractive website which is easily accessible with several call to action buttons throughout their website which is important for both the donors and the foundation itself. It is highly important to focus on user experience and Sick Kids Foundation have excelled in that. However, the lack of social media is a concern. Marketers need to keep in mind that social media is the key to reaching the target audience. Sharing of content through social media buttons on pages and articles is of utmost importance. The only media used through links is YouTube. 

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Goodwill Industries’ mission is to change lives and communities through the power of work.(www.goodwillindustries.ca)

Goodwill has successfully portrayed their message to their target audience through their website. There are relevant links that directs the audience to the right destination. Whether they want to learn about the donation process, search for job postings or shop for various products, Goodwill has provided easy access to all information. The site has very little visual appeal which in turn causes for a lack of social interest. Incorporating current website trends to garner more popularity among their target audience can be beneficial. 

Canadian Blood Services (www.blood.ca)

Canadian Blood Services have a mobile friendly website. This generates relevant high quality optimisation and search rankings which helps drive crucial traffic to the website. In order to provide the rapidly growing base of mobile web users with an optimal experience, it is important to pursue mobile-friendly responsive websites and mobile web development to ensure that a website is optimised for smartphone display. Canadian Blood Services can take advantage of optimal SEO practices. Improving their meta titles and providing efficient site mapping can help provide positive results. 

Youth Opportunities Unlimited  (www.you.ca)

Information is strategically divided in order to cater to the relevant audience. If one needs help, want to help or is just looking to shop, links for the same are vividly presented. The message of the organisation gets lost in the mix of everything that is happening on the website. Usage of fonts and colours is poor. The readability of the entire site is affected as a result their target audience can get deviated from the site. 

YWCA Canada (www.ywcacanada.ca)

YWCA uses meta sliders providing thought provoking information with eye-catching hashtags.  This garners widespread attention and helps the target audience to remember the organisation. YWCA needs to keep their website fresh with new content. Outdated websites can be harmful to them and people may choose their competitive rivals over them. Constant updating of their website can drive traffic and provide exposure to their organisation. 


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