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All it takes is one walk through the campus of the University of Pennsylvania to realize how embedded the entire campus is in history – not an inauspicious place for an aspiring History major. Upon visiting Penn’s campus, I was also impressed by how much the entire place felt like its own island in the middle of Philadelphia. But more than the campus, I’m impressed with the opportunities that Penn would offer me to pursue my academic interests.

One of the most amazing opportunities at Penn is the twenty-five summer internships that the school sponsors. The internships offer incredible experiences, knowledge, and preparation for future occupations. The two that interest me the most are the internship for the Rare Books and Archives and the internship for the Philadelphia History Museum. Both of these internships are congruent with what I envision myself doing in the future as an occupation and would be perfect opportunities for me to hone my skills and achieve success. 

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In addition, the study abroad programs at Penn are unparalleled. Every institution offered for students wishing to study abroad is equipped with the best academic resources. For instance, students are able to apply to spend a semester at one of a few of Oxford’s smaller colleges such as Mansfield or Pembroke, where they can benefit from tiny class sizes and an intimate environment. Personally, I would be interested in studying abroad in England or in Spain, where I would look forward to increasing my fluency in Spanish. A specific program in Seville, Spain sees students studying at the University of Seville, which was established centuries ago and has a rich history, much like Penn. Because students in Spain choose their careers before entering college, the university also has more specialized classes, and tutors are there to support students if they ever need help.

The prospect of attending Penn excites me, because the college and its location offer so many opportunities of which I would be eager to take advantage. I know that if I were to attend Penn, I would strive to make myself the best candidate for such opportunities.

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