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Speech Recognition is the capability of a software program or machine to adapt to words or phrases that are commonly used by humans and change them to a language in which it is readable by machines like HTML and JSON. The main purpose of speech recognition is that it is able to create documents faster because the normal software program for speech recognition typically assembles words as fast as they are spoken. In the computational artifact, I will display the most common way in which speech recognition is commonly used, while I vocally describe the purposes of using speech recognition. 

I found some videos that were showing a couple of people talking to a few software programs and machines that existed on each telephone. Each video ranges between 4-5s but a several are 10-12s. I used the iMovie program to edit the videos on, I used the picture in picture feature which allowed my videos to be interesting and professional. Then I started preparing the speech which is the benefits of using speech recognition, then I recorded myself discussing the benefit of speech recognition and then I used the audio over the video so it will clearly be shown.

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Speech recognition has had an enormous impact on the economy, society, and culture and it’s going to keep on progressing to become easily accessible to the normal civilian.
One of the advantages that it’s going to have on society after using speech recognition is that many people with a disability can easily use them. for example, a visually impaired person can easily talk to the system to perform a simple task that they might not be able to do due to their disability, like sending a text or calling a friend and even sending an email to a person all of that is easily accessible thanks to speech recognition.Speech recognition would help the society by allowing people with disability to feel as if their obstacle can easily be overcome.
One thing that is considered a disadvantage or is that although its speech recognition is commonly used, speech recognition isn’t always able to understand or recognize certain accents according to Marsal Gavaldà, a speech recognition expert and director of machine intelligence at Yik Yak.
“Accuracy varies widely from speaker to speaker,” he explains. “There are certain segments – children, seniors, or people with an accent – whose recognition rate is very low, or much lower than the rest of the population.”; Many non-native speakers around the world seem to face the same problem where their local speech recognition software program doesn’t seem to understand their accent.

Data is very vital when it comes to speech recognition because it’s a product of AI. It is self-learning so the data it gets like the phrases you say or the words are introduced are prominent to the improve the learning of the speech recognition. The data that voice recognition uses are sound wave of the work for example “My name is Andrew” is then sent through the neural network, which will change the sound wave to codes that the device will be able to understand,  from then it changes the sound wave to text and is displayed as “My name is Andrew”.

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