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 what is noise pollution?

noise pollution is when there is either an excessive amount of noise or an unpleasant sound that can cause temporary hearing loss and temporary disruption of nature. this definitions is usually used for sounds that are unnatural in either the volume or where they came from. The word “noise” descends from the Latin word “nausea,” meaning seasickness.

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causes of noise pollution?

1. Industrialisation: a lot of big companies use big machines with can produce large amounts of noise. there is also other equipment like generators compressors which also produce a lot of sound. Most of the industries use big machines which are capable of producing large amount of noise. you have also most probably seen workers at construction sites wearing ear plugs to minimise the noise.

2. Poor Urban Planning: in a lot of developing countries poor urban planning also plays a role in noise pollution.  large families in small space have frequent fights over parking which also lead to noise pollution with also may disrupt the environment of society.

3. Transportation: Large number of vehicles on roads, aeroplanes flying over houses, underground trains produce heavy noise and people get it difficult to get accustomed to that. The high noise leads to a situation wherein a normal person lose the ability to hear properly.

4. Construction Activities: Under construction activities like mining, construction of bridges, dams, buildings, stations, roads, flyovers take place in almost every part of the world. These construction activities take place everyday as we need more buildings, bridges to accommodate more people and to reduce traffic congestion. The down point is that these construction equipments are too noisy.

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