p.p1 being a fat girl with chubby cheeks.

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Girly, gentle, soft, elegant… Being born as a girl, I am constantly being taught to behave in a particular way according to my gender. Everything I wore to the things that I used have one thing in common. They are all promoting femininity and gender roles. Ever since I was young, I have been asking people and myself this question. “Why do boys and girls have to be born and treated differently?” The answer that I will only get is, “boys will be boys, girls will be girls.

As I entered primary school, I realised that girls were often grouped together to play activities that are more feminine than male sports such as netball, gymnastics and tennis. Every time when it came to activity session, I was quite reluctant to participate in it. Sadly, I still had to do it because I am a girl. I often saw a team of boys playing football happily under the hot sun. I admired. I told my parents that I want to learn football. I invited my girl friends to play football together with me on the field. I requested for joining the football team. However, I was ridiculed, “What?! A girl playing football?” I do not understand why only boys are expected to demonstrate certain characteristics and behaviours that are “masculine”, while girls are accountable for being “feminine”. 

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In school, whenever teachers need help to carry books or equivalent heavy things, they will ask, ” Any boys?” Why boys? Just because girls are dressed in dress, pony tailed? That doesn’t mean girls are not as tough as anyone else in this world. Therefore, I always believe that girls are often labelled as weak and powerless. 

For fifteen years, I was always being a fat girl with chubby cheeks. I frequently got teased and left out by my classmates especially the boys. They gave me lots of nicknames such as “Titanic”, “Fatty” and so on. At my young age, that didn’t really matter to me. Nevertheless, as I slowly grew up, I started to feel unconfident and insecure about it. Being a girl, I struggle. I struggle with my body image. Thenceforth I spent most of my times hating my bodies, struggling against it, torturing myself, for having curves, abs and a slim body. However, I feel unfair that if boys are fat, they won’t get mocked easily. 

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