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Technical  communication means to transfer data about scientific , engineering and high-tech information.

A.>The features of technical writing includes:

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    1.it makes our work standardised.
    2.it makes the material transparent to the eye.
    3.it satisfy the reader’s mind and their expectations are fulfilled
    4.it focuses on the points which are important.
    5.it provides consistency in logic.
    6.material is without any grammatical error
 Difference between general piece of writing and the technical writing is:

    Technical and general writing both has different roles in writing . 
    In technical writing , it talks about the material in which audience may not be knowledgeable and focuses on the peculiar field .In this formal language is used.   Abbreviations                                and slangs can not  be used .It has some ground rules to be followed which make it clarion and compact. For example : online articles , training manuals , promotional brochures            etc.
 In general writing informal,semi-formal languages can be used . Also the abbreviation and slang language can be used but  It needs to be free from grammatical  flaws .
It is not as firm as technical writing . For example : students notes, informal e-mails etc.

     A good vocabulary is one of our best tools for writing and also having “words ” enriches our lives as well as our writing. A technical document tries to convey the reader how to do something in a straight forward manner which depends on the writer vocabulary. Also in technical writing vocabulary act as important factor. As it attracts peoples mind which makes the material more  longing.

   The theory of unity implement in our writing as well. It  targets the idea of sentence and paragraphs that work in sync which means that the sentence in a paragraph must revolve around the same topic.
writing with unity requires mental discipline .we need to be focused and let every sentence serve the overall purpose

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