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The Global Village English language school is among the most reputable and largest private English schools in Canada. The school was the winner of the 10 best English schools for the year 2010/2011. The transfer of students, from the location they initially registered in to another, facilitates diversification of English studies.

The GV Vancouver English language school is Canadian-owned and operated. This is a problem, especially in the operation part, in the sense that it locks out other prospective and qualified personnel who wish to serve as staff. Since the school targets clients from within and outside Canada, it is not appealing for the outside students to realize that they can be locked out of the staff membership because of their origin.

Ownership of a school has over time been known to be correlated with the performance of the school academically, in sports, and also in other co-curricular activities. The ownership of a school is the main factor that determines the direction the school takes in terms of its management, operation and the resulting performance.

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Government regulations about learning institutions can have an impact on the definite path that these learning institutions will take. The management and ownership is the main significant factor that determines the performance of the school particularly in academics and the students’ character formation in general. The ownership also has an impact on the kind of reputation that the school creates depending on the ideals of the owners.

The school being Canadian-owned and operated is advantageous to the GV Vancouver English language school. This is particular in the school retaining distinctiveness in its operation free of external influences which may try to introduce foreign cultures unintentionally. This factor is also beneficial to the owners since they are better equipped to understand Canadian employees, courtesy of the shared common background and culture.

The GV Vancouver English language school is now located in seven regions globally; Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Hawaii, and Victoria in Canada as a result of internationalization efforts. There is a possibility that if the Global Village English Centers are allowed to be operated autonomously by the country residents, new techniques and trends may be incorporated.

These will be associated with the school and they may be detrimental to the integrity and reputation of the GV Vancouver English language school. Ownership and operation of the GV Vancouver English language school is an important factor when the school is considering its distinctiveness.

If it is owned or even run by different individuals it becomes a different institution all together since the policies and school regulations will differ to a certain degree. The change in the location of the school, in itself, alters the similarity of these centers with the parent school since the government induced education policies of the host country will most likely differ with those of Canada.

In an institution that attracts both regional and international clientele, it is crucial to employ qualified personnel to operate a venture of this nature. As the name “Global Village” suggests, the institution should be made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

This way it stands a better chance to acquire a team of qualified personnel that can make the school to realize its objectives with little or no supervision. The other advantage of acquiring personnel is that it will create a positive attitude in the foreign clientele. First, they will realize that they too can become part of the team after completion of their studies.

Secondly, they will know that they too are believed to be able enough to serve as GV Vancouver English language school. Selectiveness in the operation of the school also has an effect on the foreign clientele in that the foreign individuals are locked out of employment opportunities. These foreign students will in most cases have an inferiority feeling when compared to inside students since the external students are discriminated against in employment.

It is not in my interests that the ownership of the school be accommodative to foreign investors, because the ownership of the school is crucial in retaining the distinctiveness of the school. But a situation that I would greatly hope to be honored is that of allowing expatriates to work in the GV Vancouver English language school. By teaming together with the owners, they stand a better chance of achieving the mutual objective of offering top-quality English language instruction.

This approach acts as a double edged sword which improves the self- worth of outside clientele. It also increases the chances of acquiring personnel that best fit the school’s profile of a team that aims at achieving the objectives of the school.

This will also give the school exposure to the trends and new techniques of performing various tasks. When filtered to retain good qualities, these techniques can be assimilated into the school’s activities. This goes a long way in transforming the school’s culture to something that is both rich and accommodative.

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