Overdependence on Technology

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Human beings are creatures with the ability of solving problems through creating physical solutions; that is through technology. Technology refers to the usage as well knowledge of techniques, tools and systems among many others to solve problems. It may also be used to serve some purpose. Today, we live in a technologically civilized society where people are recognized in terms of technically advanced devices that their own.

Technology has become part of us and people develop and rely on the various technologies for many reasons. However, what is disturbing is that we have depended so much on technology as well as large systems that we have become lazy. In this paper, I argue that technology is very useful except that we misuse it.

Thesis Statement

People have become overly dependent on technology making them more of consumers than innovators. They are not creative and are not willing to do simple physical activities.

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People and technology

Most people agree that technology in itself is not bad only that we sometimes misuse it. Technology has made life more comfortable and easy. For example, food products that are easily perishable when put under normal conditions can now stay longer as a result of modern technology.

Besides, time used to prepare food has been greatly reduced thanks to new machines as well as equipment. On the communication front, great advancements have been made that allows people to communicate, do business, distribute information and access information instantly in their living rooms or wherever they are. We now live in a global community due to technology. It has also improved healthcare through the modern machines, equipment and medicine.

Mortality rates have gone down in most countries of the world due availability of vaccines and modern treatment forms. In the industrial sector, modern machines that improve efficiency have been developed and this has improved productivity. Generally, technology has greatly changed the world (Laura 3).

Despite the good things that technology has enabled us achieve, it has developed in us one major disease which is overdependence on it. Most people argue that technology helps as save productivity time and that we are now able to do jobs that were considered difficult and risky doing manually (Laura 3).

However, to a greater extent technology has induced laziness in us. Take an example of a pupil in an elementary school doing simple arithmetic. Pupils today are not even able to do simple additions without the use of a calculator. Today people have become so lazy that they can not even do simple spell checking; they have to use spell checking software.

This means that technology is quickly reducing our ability to think. We are becoming more of consumers than innovators and developers. We are leaving a few people to do the innovations while we wait to purchase and use. Overreliance on technology has immensely reduced our creativity as we have become too lazy to think.

Although some people argue that technology provides inspiration as well as motivation to be more creative in jobs (Digital Trends Staff 4), these are just a very small percentage that can use technology to increase creativity. Most are just consumers even at workplaces.

People have become lazy and fat nowadays as a result of technology. We usually prefer to use technology to exercise. Technology makes life easier, therefore some people would prefer to drive even short distances than to walk or use a washing machine to wash clothes than to wash manually.

Technology is essential as it makes things be done faster and people to reach their destinations faster (Digital Trends Staff 5), but what about health. Exercise is crucial for our lives as it helps us burn fats and makes us physically fit and in good bodily shape. In place of exercise activities such as playing football, people have turned to computer games or watching videos on Youtube (Digital Trends Staff 4).

Exercise also increases the ability of our bodies to fight against some diseases. Advances in technology have also brought modern equipment used in the gymnasium today. However, these may be too costly as compared taking a free short walk or some exercises in the yard.

Overdependence on technology has made us become sedentary and therefore diseases that did not exist in the 18th century and below have now become a great threat to our livelihoods. Some people argue however that these diseases are not new and that even the past generations had struggled to survive with them but failed to get rid of them until our generation developed technology to understand the diseases and how to get rid of them.

Most people will agree with me that even with technological advancements in medicine, some diseases such as AIDS still threaten human life because there is no cure for them. We rely so much on “chemical” medicine. We need fluid thinkers, researchers and explorers who are able to make traditional medicine which could be very helpful and cheaper in some instances. Traditional medicine could help us find cures as well as vaccines for some of these deadly diseases.

Most technology that we use is electrical and we highly depend on them in many ways, but what happens when power goes off. A simple power cut brings our lives to a stand still. Over-dependence has made us integrate technology in our lives that we can not do without it (Laura 4).


Technology is very useful in our lives; however, how we use it is sometimes bad. We have depended so much on it that we can no longer think; creativity has gone done and we have become lazier. Every minute of our lives depends on technology that we can not even do simple physical activities.

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